Monday, 5 January 2009

Bubble portraits or Spheres

The web is such a wealth of knowledge.

Okay it can be a time waster too, but I figure if I am on the web learning a new technique in Photoshop while I wait for the spin cycle on the washing machine to finish it's work, I am redeeming the time.

I am not watching Oprah, or anything on TV for that matter... I have indulged and I am having more fun educating myself (again). If only I could make money at this. Send me your photos and I will do funky things with them for a fee!! :)

This time I am making spheres rather than planets.

I took this photo at Ft Sumter, Charleston, South Carolina.

I think this is very cool and just wait because when I find the right portrait of dear husband in my stash of thousands of photos, I am going to have some real fun...stay tuned.

Want to know how to play with your photos?

Check out Digital Photography School ...there is also a link to the left with the most recent posting up there for you.

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