Tuesday, 20 January 2009

two more pages

I spent some time reorganizing the scrapbook supplies this weekend. I discovered some pretty cool product I didn't know I had. At least I had completely forgotten about it. And I now actually have a desk again now that the garbage can is full and the shelves organized, so that helps the work flow!

This process is very therapeutic, so much so that I actually got two pages done when I finished.

One is from 2002 - some very bad pictures but an event I still wanted to archive. I used some of that "get it done in five minutes" paper from bZOO along with some Basic Grey sticker letters I found at the bottom of a pile of stuff that needed to find a home.

The second layout was a more pleasureable experience - scrapping some wonderful photos from this past Christmas. I called it "I'll be home for Christmas", because the house looked so warm and inviting and filled with Christmas spirit and yet three of the kids didn't make it home this year. So "even in their dreams" they were home and I have pictures to show them what they missed. In some small way they were here. My phone bill can attest to that!!

Christmas 2009, Lord willing, will see NINE of us together. And I get to feed them all for several days and several meals. Both fridges will be full of food, and likely a lot of baking and what not stored in the cold garage. The house will be a mess of people, gifts, chocolates, board games, new sweaters, laughter and more food!! And I will love every minute of it.

Have a blessed day and get out there and enjoy this balmy weather...it may not last too long.

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Kate said...

Oh oh OH do I ever LOVE that Christmas layout!!! GORGEOUS! Showing the 2002 LO with this recent one really shows how much excellent photography amps up your scrapbooking. You take really beautiful pictures Julie!