Thursday, 29 January 2009

A Couple more pages.

Finished up a couple of pages I had laid out on the desk for a week or so.

Beautiful Duet - I just love these photos of Paul and Allie playing a duet together. Makes my heart real warm. The rub on in the lower rt corner reads.
"These are the MOMENTS I want to remember forever."

Love this musical paper too!

And then back to some pretty awful photos taken in a gym. Haven't we all experienced the terrible effects of the lighting in a gym? Add to that , our subjects are way too far away for the flash and , well you get these green pictures. Oh to have known way back then, what I know now, but that is the way it is. I scanned and converted most of the pictures to Black and White to get them all onto one page. Here ya go!


Cheryl said...

well Julie, I brought both my cameras with me and I have been reading the instruction manual when I have time. I have learned how to do a few new things too! however, I am depending on the automatic setting alot as well. These photos don´t look so bad, and there are the memories that are attached to them!!! I have had a few margaritas for you and some for other people as well!! they and the guacamole here are just soooo yummy. fresh ingredients are the key I think.

Julie Cortens said...

Oh yes how I remember the guacamole in Mexico - mmmmm yummy. And their taco chips were real, fresh ones too.