Tuesday, 6 January 2009


Just taking a brief moment here to wish number three son a very happy birthday!!
Not that he visits my blog, but perhaps his wife might and can pass on my greetings.

Or maybe I should just pick up the phone?

Or better yet, send him an Amazon gift certificate?
Now you're talking!!


Another day wasted in Photoshop.

I have learned three new techniques in Photoshop in the past two days.

Okay I didn't spend the whole day on the computer today. My day stated at 8am this morning when I spent an hour with a very nice Physiotherapist who gently messaged my wrist for $70 and told me a few stretches I needed to get some mobility back into it. It seems I have spent too much time...ahem...on the computer!

My computer set up at home is great - no problems, but my set up at work where I am on the mouse for 8 hrs straight is less then optimum and so... I had to see a P.T. today.

And oh how nice to be able to start my car WHILE I am forking out the $70 because next on the list was to pick up child number four and drop her off at University because it is darn cold to be waiting for a bus. Still a Mom first and foremost.

And then I was off to the gym to further abuse my now limber wrist with a core class, push ups and a step class. That was two hrs of.... abuse. But I feel great - yeah, I keep telling myself that... I feel great!

So why did I crash this afternoon around four o'clock and end up with my keyboard imprinted on my forehead??? Could it be I overdid the cardio in an effort to work off 26 Pot of Gold chocolates over the past three weeks?????

Why is it I never do anything in moderation?

So somewhere in this glorious day off work from either job, I spent time perfecting "SPHERES" and so now I will share them with you.

His teeth take on a whole new dimension in this sphere!!

And doesn't he just look like my right arm and camera might make a tasty meal...and then my right leg..and then....

Ah yes, I do remember this moment very well and am game to head back there at a moments notice to do it all over again!

But since I can't...

Another sphere.

Hawaii...take me away....

Are you sick of pictures of my husband kissing me?
I promise, this is the last one.

This one was taken on Vancouver Island. Sunrise. Romantic getaway. Best B&B in B.C. that I know of. E-mail me if you need a romantic get away and want to stay in Canada.
Amore By the Sea.

Unlike the alligator, this fellow was behind plexiglass.

Okay -no more spheres.

next up....
converting photographic images to a watercolor painting.

Oh sooo beautiful.


Cheryl said...

it was so nice to talk to you in person today Julie. I am sitting here on the computer while my husband flips through the channels, quietly giggling to myself while thinking of our conversation today. LOL nice spheres by the way.

Julie Cortens said...

LOL...mine too is busy flipping channels. Never thought that remote control would prove such an asset for someone who doesn't watch TV.

Steve G said...

Great spheres - I have started checking your site once in a while because of the great pictures. My digital camera has a watercolour setting that works great, too!
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