Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Christmas Cards!!

Do you believe it?? Yes, I made a card today! Several of them. For someone who never, EVER attempts cards because I cannot think smaller that 8X8....well I did it! Allison and I started at about 3 pm this afternoon and we just finished up about an hour ago - that is just over six hours of card making (and a little TV watching) and my back is killing me! But I have just over thirty cards to send out for Christmas... okay, New Years because if dear husband doesn't get the family letter written tonight they are NOT going to make it on time.

So here are a sampling of our creations today!

Hey - now to get them into envelopes with the yearly newsy letter, addressed, stamped and taken to a mail box!!

Merry Christmas everyone.


Cheryl said...

your cards are beautiful Julie, what a great job. I don't know why you don't keep it up all through the year for other occasions. You should teach a card class or two!

Julie Cortens said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence Cheryl, but cards are not my forte and I had this terrible fear run through me as I made and admired these Christmas cards of mine. If I really got into this I would spend a FORTUNE on acrylic stamps and would have to get a job with stampin up to support my habit. LOL

Cheryl said...

again, I ask, what's wrong with that!!! Stampin Up would love you!! hahahahahaha I laugh because I already have spent that smaill fortune. (don't let my DH hear that thought)

kristen said...

Those are some very lovely Christmas cards! Hope you have a wonderful holiday season!!!!