Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Rockin Diaper Bag!

Take a look at this home sewn diaper bag from Tina's blog.

Isn't this just too cool? Way nicer than the ones we had in the eighties! LOL

Visit her site and see a few more angles of it and all the cool pockets in the inside - and then leave her a comment.

I think she should go into business.

What do you think?


Vicki G. said...

Wow Julie! That is SUCH a cool diaper bag! It seems like everything now is cooler. Lucky me though, I have daughter and grandbaby living with me, so I get to try out all the new stuff without having a baby of my own! Hope your Christmas was lovely!

Julie Cortens said...

Indeed lucky you! Congratulations! E-mail me and tell me all about your new grandchild. Boy? girl?
I bet you are loving the smells, softness, sounds and cuddling of a new baby! My turn will come!