Tuesday, 23 December 2008

PLAYING in Photoshop

I have been playing in Photoshop tonight - making "planets".

This photo below started as a panoramic I took of the shore line in Lunenberg Nova Scotia June of 2007. I took five pictures and stitched them together in Photoshop to get the panorama.

In this new technique, I have taken my panorama and bent it into a circle. It is called making "planets" and it is just too much fun!

Isn't that just the coolest technique? Click on it to get a larger version and to see some of the detail. It is much clearer in real life but I have shrunk it to save space on Blogger.

What do ya think?


Vicki G. said...

Really Cool! Love it!

Julie Cortens said...

Thanks Vicki. I am sure having fun with this. I think this one actually looks a little bit like a Christmas wreath.