Sunday, 28 December 2008

Circle of love! and other "planets"!

Now this is what I call a Circle of Love. LOL

My sweetheart has never looked so good...
...of course I have never had such nice legs either. :)

This is made from a photo I took of a lake close to our home. The trees are reflected in the bottom half and you can see the fountain in the top at about 11:30.

This is a Saskatchewan - wheat capitol of the world? and the City sky scape encircling it.
I took this photo on the U of S grounds looking over a field of wheat to downtown.
The Bess is at about the 11:00 position.

All of these are much more impressive in large format so please click on them. See how many of our downtown buildings you can recognize. The Parktown?

If you missed my other posts on the "planets" I have made in Photoshop, click here (my personal favorite).
and also here for my first attempts at making Photshop "planets"

Don't you love a few days off work to eat all this good food and play on the computer.

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