Monday, 29 December 2008

Christmas 1961

I was inspired by a fellow blogger posting remembering all the wonderful Christmas' now and way back. She posted a photo of her family when she was little.
So I dug this one up to remind me of just how wonderful Christmas is...even when we mourn the loss of loved ones, Christmas still draws us to one another and reminds us of the power of family love.

I am number six in this brood. The blondie.
I don't know how my Mom had time to do all the baking and cooking in preparation for Christmas and ALL the festivities and visitors that accompanied the season, have us all dressed in our Sunday bests, and still look spectacular herself. Amazing woman!

Don't ya just love that old lamp?


Original Inspirations said...

Beautiful memory photo Julie. Do you remember the day this photo was taken? Not really does it matter. What does matter is that there was a moment once that was captured and it is yours to treasure and tell a story to. Can't wait to see a layout with it.

Julie Cortens said...

Thanks Thelma, probably Christmas eve 1961 before church. I was four years old. I just remember the excitement of waiting for Santa. Yes I will have to scrapbook it but I have soooo many photos in my pile waiting.

Laura said...

She did it all because she was a stay at home mom, the pace was alot slower, no computers, cell phones, one channel on the tv and you only had to tell your children once to do something and they listened! lol Seriously though, the older kids no doubt helped her with the younger ones and you just don't remember. Anyway, nice picture.

I just noticed whose eyes your parents are focused on. Did the baby always perform? Just curious.

Julie Cortens said...

Laura, yes - those were simpler times and I think we have lost something very dear and very important in all our technology and advancement. Alas, we cling to these values and hope to pass them on to our children the best we can.

Yes their eyes are on Trev and LOL they still are. The baby of the family never escapes the concern of his parents.

Julie Cortens said...

oh and Laura, I clearly remember the older siblings being "in charge" and telling me what to do or else they would tell on me!!!!

Allie said...

I love that picture!!!

Paul and I decided that you are the only one who looks exactly the same now ... but Grandpa looks a lot like Trevor looks now!