Friday, 26 December 2008

Don's Photo Boxing Day Blitz

Don's Photos is having it's annual sale and man, it is a good one.

If you are looking for a point and shoot camera, now is the time!

But what I wait for all year is there 9 cent sale. Yes 4X6 prints are just nine cents and nobody develops my pics better than Don's.

I know it sound a tad strange, but I wait all year and on boxing day I get busy. I spent four hours late last night going through all my photos from 2008 choosing all the ones I want developed in 4X6 and saving them to a file. This morning I uploaded them to Don's - a process that took five hours ~ yes FIVE hours because I uploaded 223 photos which came to several gigabytes.

And the years worth of 4X6's cost $22.00.

Now I will wait for Blacks 8X10 sale and their occasional 5X7 sale.

Photo hint. As I upload my photos during the year and go through them picking out the best, I copy those that would make great 8x10's (or 5x7's) to a separate file (named 2008 8x10). Then I am ready when the sale comes. If you get on Blacks and Don's mailing list you will hear about it a few days before it comes.

And now for a few Christmas memories from our home.

The presents under the tree still bring excitement and anticipation.

And here is part of my Christmas morning haul - note the Michael Buble and IL DIVO CD's - on my MP3 player already...been listening to them all day. Mmmm these gorgeous young men singing love songs with their fabulous voices and an assortment of body lotions ~ life is good! And for my more culinary side - a very cool salt and pepper grinder set. I am happy.

Our dinner table awaits our guests.
The blessings of sharing our blessings with others.
This is the best gift of all.

Our guests and enough food to feed an army.
Food, fellowship and friendship.

Then a post Christmas supper rip roaring game of Taboo - the youngens against the old ones.

The youngans won, but I am sure when we challenge them again we will win - we just took a little longer to warm up, old age and all. They just beat us by a hair!

Our missing kids called and so we were able to connect with them. I am giving thanks that they spent Christmas with loved ones and friends - especially Mark who is on his own in Thompson. The saints (his church fellowship) kept him well fed and loved over Christmas and for that I am giving a prayer of thanks. Thank you Lord for your people!!

Next year our children will all be home and there will be a huge gang of us and another few years, Lord willing, the grandchildren will change the whole tone of our Christmas mornings.

Right now I kind of like getting up with David putting on the coffee, having a leisurely breakfast and THEN digging into the gifts about noon ~ unlike the days of little ones coming into our room at 5 am to ask if they could go downstairs NOW?

I do pray that you have had special moments to love your family and friends and that this joy and peace of the season will follow us and stay with us into the New year.

His Blessings to each and every one of you!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like next year will be muched blessed with your children coming home. I leave you with this quote of mine: "To celebrate the birth of Jesus is to acknowledge that He died on the cross to wash away our sins so we may all live in Heaven Eternally!" And there are people who truely believe that I do not.

Julie Cortens said...

Thank you anonymous. You know, ultimately, it really doesn't matter what others think about you or your faith/belief or your celebrations.

It only matters what God thinks. Only He knows your heart.