Tuesday, 30 December 2008

You are the Graduate

I realized last weekend that I have not done a scrapbook page since November 23rd! Do you believe it? Okay I did 34 Christmas cards a week ago, but no pages for over a month and so at this rate it will take me until 2010 to finish scrapbooking the year 2002 and that is moving backwards so I I put life on hold to get a page done!!

Pretty fast actually - paper, stickers - yup I used stickers, and some rub ons. I have kind of lost my mojo, so when I get it back I may add something else to the page.

You are the Graduate - Harold's graduation picture.


Sheryl said...

Julie, sometimes quick,clean and simple is the way to go. It is a great page and it is a page done.

Original Inspirations said...

Ha, just read Sheryl's comment. I was going to say simplicity is great sometimes.

As an avid genealogist, I would add "name" and "date" - that's about it.

Love the layout.

Julie Cortens said...

You are so right Thelma - so often my husband is looking through my albums and says "when was this?" Why do I forget to put the date on? Perhaps because when you spend 6 months working on the year 2001 you figure you will never forget that this was 2001 and well can't you tell it is summer????
I will certainly add the date and his name. Because who know who will be looking at in 2046 haha

Original Inspirations said...

Exactly! That's how I think ... who will be looking at my layouts years and years down the road. They are like those old photos in a box - unknown - if you don't make mention of who and when and maybe where and maybe why.