Wednesday, 3 December 2008


So provincially we are booming! Meanwhile our federal legislature (opposition) feels that is would be democratically appropriate to form a coalition and oust the government of the day (albeit a minority) that Canadians just elected. huh???? because they want to stop the practice of you and I , the taxpayers, giving money to political parties so they can get themselves elected.

My analysis and what do I know??? Will this lead to possible financial disaster for a country trying to stave off the recession that our powerful neighbors to the south are now well entrenched in?

Just my cynical commentary of the day.

Sorry no pages to post for you scrapbookers - just haven't done any!! Although more cool paper and Prima flowers have arrived at the store. I am oohing and ahhing but no motivation. A new scrapbooking magazine perhaps???

Unfortunately despite some purchases and some wild Tim Holtz inking ideas, I have not really had the time or inclination to get creative. I suspect many of you are experiencing the same. It is cold out there, REALLY cold and the snow is yet to come and Christmas is coming along with all sorts of events and responsibilities. Daily hits on this here blog are down and I know it is because you are either at a Christmas recital or the mall. Yes?

David and I have had our share of bad news coming our way these days and life is throwing some curve balls at us. Do you find that things don't get done and life gets confusing and disorderly when you are processing sad and difficult news? That seems to be my life right now. Just disorganized with half finished lists scattered about my life.

Jesus said (John 16) that there would be difficulty in this world - he called it "many trials and sorrows". Yup, I can relate to that and I am sure you can too. He tells us to take heart though, because He has overcome the worst pains in this world. He promises me peace amid these trials if I am in Him. And that is good news. It is better than good news when you can grasp the infinite wisdom of that statement.

The next several days will be busy, and mix in with that the shopping "list"and sundry other things to do. And I WANT to make my Christmas cards this year!!! it December yet???

Okay everyone - I know you are just as busy as me and more so because of lot of you have busy, active, program involved little ones.

So let's all take a breath and remember that life is short on this earth and long in eternity. May we think and act accordingly. Embrace the season. January will be here in a blink and normalcy and all it's wonderful boredom will accompany it. But whether busy or bored let us remember to love our neighbor as our self. To reach out even when we feel tired and distracted. To remember those going through tough times at Christmas and to do a little something special for someone in need, or maybe not in need.

It always makes the season so much more enjoyable.

Blessings to you all,


Anonymous said...

Yes, it is tough how some days through us difficulties which we somehow never guessed would be ours to deal with. Isn't it a good thing that we cannot see the future.
May God grant you the strength to deal with your sad and difficult news.
Sometimes life stands still momentarily in our lives, yet, it has to carry on.

Julie Cortens said...

Thank you anonymous. You are so right. Life stands still when we are trying to sort through the hurts and realities of this world and it throws the busyness of our lives into turmoil.
But perhaps this is good. It draws us back to truth which is so much more important than the to-do lists.
And then we move on.
It id indeed good that we cannot see the future - what despair that would bring.
Ah, but He has promised us wonderful things and I look forward to that.

Janet said...

It is very hard lately.