Monday, 15 December 2008

Christmas is here!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! (sung to the tune of "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas")

And I love it.

The only thing missing is my sweet kids - Paul and Allie in Victoria (where I hear there is snow!) and Mark in Northern Manitoba - Thompson busy firefighting in minus 40 weather. They will not be home for Christmas. sigh...

But Harold is home and so is Allison and that means Sammy her fiance is around here a lot too - eating... and playing board games with us. You can't marry our daughter unless you love to spend the evening playing board/card games and eating chocolate covered almonds. That is just the way it is. He has passed. Although he prefers taco chips and cream cheese spread which Allison makes for him twice a week!

With about 30 candles lit last night and some goodies prepared, a few friends and neighbours stopped over for some Christmas cheer.

We had fun and it looked very festive around here.

Now it feels like Christmas is underway even if I am not quite ready. But that doesn't matter. It will come anyways and the love of family and good food will make it a great time together.

Then I will hit the gym and try to undo the damage.

I have not yet made my Christmas cards....and should be doing that right now...but I am really tired and so uploading a few pics and a short blog seems a little easier tonight. Heading to bed in 30 minutes with a good book seems even easier. The Christmas cards may arrive after Christmas - I have 40 of them to make. yup...I am running a tad late.

My to do/buy list is getting shorter and my VISA longer...sigh..but they are all, for the most part very practical items for these grown kids of mine. You know... socks and underwear. haha just kidding.. although they do make a good stocking stuffer.

I baked this morning - up at the crack of dawn because they had to be done before work at JSI today...which BTW has a HUGE shipment coming in this Wednesday....give Laura three hours to get it all out though...hear that Laura? Three hours....hehehehe. I digress.

Yes, I made Gingerbread men and shortbread cookies early this morning and I am so proud of myself. And number one son decorated them... because he had the day off and I was flying out the door.

I wasn't going to bake this year...
At ALL!!
No time!!

The plan this morning was to head to the gym and work off a few of the treats from the weekend.

But Harold asked if I could please make some gingerbread men for him to take to his office party tonight. How could I say no??? This was a special request.

So instead of the gym I nibbled on gingerbread dough. mmmm

And since the kitchen was covered in flour and ginger bread dough, well why not make some shortbread too.

So I did.

As soon as it cooled though I packed up half of the shortbread to slip into the ever growing box of stuff I need to ship off to Mark.

I knew it would not last long around here... mmm melt in your mouth shortbread - just butter, icing sugar and a little flour to hold it together.

And Harold decorated the gingerbread men. Did a mighty fine job I think. I mean, really how many 27 yr olds take the time to do this kind of work.

Hahah - love that guy!

David is now eating the shortbread that was not packed... okay I have had a few pieces myself too.

Enjoy the season. Enjoy the small things. Enjoy the moments with loved ones. Give thanks for all the blessings. Rejoice! For we were once lost, but in Christ, found! This is amazing grace!


Laura said...

Ha, three hours! And don't think you are coming in to "rumage" through the 400 boxes, make a mess and then go on your merry way! Ha! I'll tie you to the chair and make you stay, I will! lol Nice pics, Julie. One can almost smell the fresh baking, candles burning as you look at your photos!

Julie Cortens said...

"rummaging"? never!! Think of it as helping you sort through the many, many boxes. And every goody I buy you don't have to find a spot on the shelf for.
...rummaging?...SORTING, ORGANIZING, HELPING. ...And then I go on my merry way! heheheh
And hey - we get to count it all again on New Years Eve! Well.. what's left of it.

Laura said...

I call it rummaging..."Laura, would you like this up here?" "NO!" "I'll put it over here thanbehind you, nice and neat," says Julie.

That was a 3'x4'box she just unpacked because her curiousity got the best of her! Ha! I still call it rummaging. lol