Monday, 13 October 2008

10 Mens pushups.

That's right! I did 10 of them this morning, followed by 20 more wimpy ladies push ups. That is for those of you keeping count.... unspectacular thing about me #6

I spent two hours at the gym this rings and pants are loose but I haven't lost a pound - patience!!

And no pictures - since people are not too crazy about having their photo taken when sweat is dripping down their forehead - and neither am I. Sooooo stay tuned. I figure another month until I am up to 20 good men's push-ups. And hopefully down five pounds and abs of steel. hehe - unlikely.

I just spent the last hour in the kitchen getting all the veggies. homemade cranberry sauce and turkey ready for Thanksgiving supper tonight - a small group since we do not have any relatives in this neck of the woods (you know - relatives that bring a large casserole with them?).

But it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without a turkey smell in the house, so I am doing the whole shebam, by myself (what else is new). I will show you photos later. Mark asked for Yorkshire puddings - a favorite of his - but Yorkshire puddings are only served with roast beef. So I am calling them popovers! I can do that!! David wants brussle sprouts and carrots, Allison wants yams, there has to be the cream cheese mashed potatoes with gravy - lots of it and the cranberry sauce (for me) and of course those popovers smothered in gravy ....I already had my workout for the day but it seems I will be in the kitchen today.

And we will eat leftovers all week...which is why we do turkey dinners anyway and why my family insist I do ALL the preparation - because they do not want to see any leftovers heading out the door when guests leave. ...I think they also love my cooking....not too bad after doing Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners for a crowd for 29 years.

I am off to set a beautiful fall table and get out the china.
Pictures tonight if this turkey doesn't put me to sleep. Tomorrow is an VERY busy day!!



April D said...

okay, now you got me curious about cream cheese mashed potatoes! How do you do them...they sound nummy, although I bet they aren't hard to make.

Julie Cortens said...

Oh, April they are fabulous in more ways than one. They can be made up to three days ahead - or frozen. Just put the thawed casserole in the oven and hour before supper and you have creamy mashed potatoes with nicely browned tops ready to go on the table. They should bake for an hour and then sit for 15 min.
They are also fabulous because my husband makes them! Not me! And I will take all the help I can get in the kitchen.
I complained about peeling potatoes about six years ago and he said...are you ready?...."I will peel for you anytime dear" ...and he has been making these creamy mashed potatoes for me ever since!

I will get him to post the recipe soon!