Monday, 13 October 2008

Giving Thanks

Well I am thankful my men arrived home safely from Winnipeg late this afternoon and in time for a feast - and I am thankful that we can sit around the table and enjoy all this good food.

Everyone seemed very appreciative and I think adding a little extra butter to everything was a good idea. The oohs and ahhhs were particularly plentiful this year.But then Mark always did appreciate a feast of mom's cooking.

I am stuffed! The dishes are done, the food is packed into the fridge, the bird is stripped and ready to make a delicious chicken broth. I will head to bed with the Good Book!

Blessings to you all.
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Cheryl said...

Boy, your meal looks like it was pretty tasty. I didn't even think to take any pictures of ours. I think that my turkey looked like it belonged in Martha Stewarts magazine. I am not sure what I did to it but the color of the skin was perfect if I do say so myself!!!LOL

Anonymous said...

looks so yummy!!!
I love family meals.

Laura said...

Food looks great! We didn't have turkey this time, but we did have the ham, smoked sausage, perogies, creamed and mashed potatoes, carrots and peas, coleslaw, ceasar salad, homemade buns and for desert we had skor cake, apple crisp, pumpkin pie and cinnimon buns. Mmmm mmm good!

Julie Cortens said...

Whoa! Laura you must have been in the Kitchen all day!