Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Guess whose back side?

Further to my discussion in previous post re having your children as early as possible - as long as you can afford them that is..... I give you...

ME! Can't you tell??

When you hand your child the camera to hold while you haul them back up the hill, do not be surprised at what may turn up when the roll of film is developed. Now these days you just press delete before you actually pay for a picture of your beeehind. But way back in 2002, we were still developing film. I will tuck this precious photo in behind this page when it goes into the album... just for the laughs! ...and memories.
I was actually in pretty good shape back then. That's a 12 yr old I am pulling up the hill/slope there.

I look at this picture and ask myself...how did you do it??? This kind of stuff and these kind of days must be why I am so darn tired all the time now. I can't wait to get into bed at 10 pm and am asleep in about 240 seconds. I am sure I must be catching up on years of lost sleep....

....I think I need another holiday.

Man, just thinking about these days makes me tired.


Cheryl said...

We were so lucky, we lived on a farm when our kids were little and we had great tobogganing hills AND a snowmobile with which to drag them back up the hill!!! Our hills were enormous(at least to a girl from southern Sask where Les says you can see your dog run away from home for a week!!) Now that is a slight exaggeration on his part. You could only see them run away for a day or 2. LOL I slay me !!!

Julie Cortens said...

LOL...and really it is not about the size of the hill. It is about the fun and laughter, the bumps, the exhaustion of climbing that hill one more time and looking forward to hot chocolate and cinnamon toast served to rosy cheeked kids.
Life is good! God is good!