Friday, 10 October 2008


I have been tagged by Laura ... and so I will henceforth tell you six unspectacular things about myself...

1. I NEVER send on e-mails sent to me that tell me I MUST send them on. Even if they promise a miracle if I do, or threaten death if I don't ....I delete them. I am still alive and every day He brings me another miracle. :)
2. I don't like TV. Seriously..I find it either stressful or boring - can't stand it.
3. I don't like to fly - but I do because I love going to warm places and places where I can take pictures....I do now draw the line at helicopter rides.
4. I drink Soya milk - I actually love it. Has to be Vanilla Silk.
5. I read my Bible every day - well almost every day - I try to anyways.
6. I would like to be able to do 30 men's push-ups in a is kind of a goal I am setting for myself - ask me how I am doing in 6 months.
7. I like to break rules - cause rules were meant to be broken...within reason. I am a rebel at heart. LOL

here are the rules for this tag....
1). Link the person that tagged you.
2).Mention the rules on your own blog.
3). List 6 unspectacular things about you.
4).Taggify 6 other bloggers.

I taggify: 1) Kris 2) Cheryl 3) Sheryl 4) Angie 5) Janys M (haha you will have to update your blog now) and 6) Janet W. ~ cause I know you guys visit my blog faithfully - except Janys who works way too someone tell her she now has to Blog.


kristen said...

I'd love to play, but I don't know 6 bloggers who you haven't already named! LOL!

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving weeekend!!!!

Julie Cortens said...

Oh play anyway and don't tag anyone - remember - rules were meant to be broken.