Tuesday, 14 October 2008


As y'all may have surmised, I have joined a gym. Yup, I am forking out the monthly commitment in hopes that I might get back to a former size. I have been a runner and gym goer in a former life, but for the past three years, since returning to work in the health care field and working in retail, I have been out of time...and slowly putting on weight, loosing abs, huffing and puffing on the stairs and getting old.

I pulled out the old aerobic stuff. It is over six years old and has seen the washing machine 1000's of times. As I looked around the step class I realized that I looked different! First of all I was 20 years older than most. Not much I can do about that except adapt an attitude of "I'll show you what a 50 year old can do!" Secondly it was apparent that I am in a lot worse shape than ALL of them. I have no abs and have gained a few rolls. THIS will come with time - I have to persevere on this one. The third thing I noticed, is that my workout wear looked like it had been through the wash ...about a 4000 times. Now this was something I COULD do something about right now!

So this morning in the rain, I headed downtown to another sporting event - dashing into the first available parking spot before the guy coming from the other direction does. Very competitive. Very nasty. I actually ended up parking a few block away and avoiding the sport all together...I circled the block twice until I found something only because I will vie for a spot with one other person - but six of them?

I had one quarter and one nickle in my purse..because I stopped for a coffee on the way. Let's get our priorities straight here! I got all of 10 min at the meter. Do you believe it? One quarter gets you 10 minutes. For those of you heading downtown with children, I suggest you get them all out of their car seats and settled into the strollers BEFORE you fork out your meter money, because it is going to cost you 25 cents just to unload your car.

I digress here. I decided to take my chances with the meter. It's raining, so those parking meter gals are probably having coffee somewhere.

And I found Lululemons. I was the oldest person in there and it felt like my daughter was selling me very expensive clothes. I found the most mature looking one in there and asked her to show me what they had and what would make me look really skinny...okay, hide the rolls.

I have to say though, the girls there were very helpful! Look what they talked me into??

One warning though? Lululemon does not sell anything larger than a size 10 - no wonder every one looks so great in their stuff!

And I did look pretty darn good at the power class at noon today. At least my clothes kept up! But I wasn't able to do the ten men's push-ups - still recovering from doing them yesterday! Time ....this part will take time.

Off to work at JSI to do some heavy paper lifting!
Remember, Ralna has a big sale on right now.


Allie said...

Hmm, well, your parking is slightly less expensive than Victoria's! It's $2 an hour downtown now, which means a quarter gets you 7.5 minutes. I think they're kind enough to round it up to 8 when you just put one quarter in, but then when you add another, it only makes it to 15 minutes. Sigh...

You guys are all getting ahead of me - you with Lululemon, into which I've never set foot, and my dad with his new iPod! I feel so behind!

Love you!

Kiley/Jessica said...

Hi Julie, I like your new lululemons... I have the same top, only in black. I like it so much I end up wearing it around the house and not even doing a workout. But it's great for the workout too!


Julie Cortens said...

Hey Allie - Lululemon is worth a look - kind of fun stuff and very relaxing lounge wear.
Jessica I love this top enough to wear it out for supper - maybe with a jacket/blazer. Very comfy. Mine is black too.

jem said...

You can do it julie you hot mama!