Monday, 20 October 2008

Hills? In Saskatchewan?

Another layout from the year 2002...plodding along. Kind of busy - but then that WAS our lives back then. Just one family activity after another and I wouldn't change it for the world. THIS is why you need to have your children in your early twenties - because you need the energy to pull them up a hill on a toboggan!! That after getting up at 6 am to prepare all the food you have to take along to this event, get them all dressed for church, fed and in the car with all their tobogganing gear and out the door for the 1 hr drive to church being sure to arrive in time to greet the saints and settle everyone in before church begins. Did someone (Mom) fill the car with gas?
HOW did we do it??
Then pull them up the hill on the toboggan?
Visit all afternoon, collect all the containers you brought, gather all the sleds and extra mittens. then round up four children and make the drive home. Yeah - you have to be under 35 to do this.

The title says "Finding a Hill in Saskatchewan....No small feat"

I scanned this page for the blog and it was set on B&W and I actually liked how it turned out. It is inspiring me to actually scrapbook B&W photos on a B&W paper with all B&W embellishments.

Journalling reads....
When the church family planned a tobogganing/wiener roast at the Barbers farm, we wondered how we would toboggan on the flat prairies. We are, after all, a family who had recently skied “The Peak” at Grouse Mountain.

Well we did toboggan and it was more of a slope than a hill, but we found out that you don’t need a big, long, fast hill to have a lot of fun and a lot of laughs! The date? I THINK it is February of 2002


April D said...

Where on earth did you find a toboggan that long? lol, great page though!

Julie Cortens said...

LOL - actually April, everyone is on his/her own toboggan with their legs wrapped around the person in front of them. very ingenious! Lots of laughs. I love the look on the kids faces as they were heading down the hill.