Saturday, 25 October 2008

It's the little things that make you BEAUTIFUL

This page has been sitting on my desk all week waiting for me to have 15 min to glue it down and add some rub-ons.
I love this simple picture of Allison. So innocent and lovely and she really is. It is these gentle qualities that truly make her beautiful..and so that is what I attempted to portray in this page. Not sure if I succeeded. The word beautiful seems kind of harsh for what I was going for. But once a rub-on is on the page..well it's a done deal!

I am quite enjoying the new Crate Paper - very pretty. And I bought more of the "Dotted Swiss' Bazzill paper. More colours came into JSI. So, so nice. So me.
I was able to use some rub ons and flowers from my stash too!

Don't you just love your stash?

Stay tuned! I was up until midnight (unheard of for me) taking a class with Trish Ladouceur at JSI last night. We were making THIS! Very beautiful! I still have to finish mine before you get to see it. I was very tired and Janys is a bad influence on me. We laughed way too much!! At our mistakes that is. Like a couple of hysterical school girls. The motto of the evening was "Just put a flower over it!" Hey is is all about being creative right?

Not sure how Trish put up with us. But we had a good time.


Original Inspirations said...

Wonderful layout.

To get a rub-on off a page, you can use that little square eraser-type thing that Stampin Up and Creative Memories both have - it's about 1 1/2 " x 1 1/2 " - just go gently in a circular motion and eventually it will lift it away. No kidding. It's been my saviour on more than one occasion.

April D said...

lol, I was thinking the same thing about removing rubons as what was said above....I have it and love is actually a adhesive remover and works awesome...I have used it for rubons too and it is perfect! Love that page too...

Kate said...

My "Stash" as you so sweetly put it...yes I love it...a little TOO MUCH! Must actually USE some of it instead of going into the store every few days to buy more!!! Great photos, as usual!