Sunday, 26 October 2008

Scrapbooking Frenzy

Man, I did a LOT of scrapbooking this weekend. And I am still trying to finish up two projects I worked on this weekend at JSI well as finishing up the page on Allison in my previous post.
JSI was just a flurry of activity. Trish Ladouceur was our guest teacher and we really did some cool stuff and had a great time. I will post my projects when I am done.
For now, just a few pics of the weekend. Friday night and Sunday afternoon.


Cheryl said...

Isn't Trish just spectacular? I loved her class that I took this weekend, wish I could have taken her Friday one as well, maybe next time. I can hardly wait to see your finished projects. Janys and I sat at the same table on Sat. but were too focused I guess to visit much. She got alot done, me....not so much!!! But I had fun!!

Kate said...

I had a HUGE scrap hangover but I didn't care...I hauled my cookies in on Sunday for Trish's class anyways. SO worth it! My Calendar is waiting to be embellished but Hubs is on a trip to Canadian Tire as I type this to find me a pegboard so I can dig out my desk!!! Great to see you so often now that I am in the city!

Julie Cortens said...

So glad you had a good time on Sat Cheryl - what a weekend of scrapbooking. My nails took a beating with all that inking!!

Kate - what a weekend of scrapping. And we are all happy to have you back in Saskatoon. You are a ray of sunshine and joy every time you walk into the store. Where do you get all your energy - I love it! infectious!