Wednesday, 1 October 2008

It's Official - Firefighter

Well actually it was official last June 20th, 2008. Mark graduated from Brandon Firefighting College. He looks so handsome. Proud mama here. He did very well in his Marks - all 80's and 90's and it is a grueling course. He made some really good friends too.

Mark will be home tomorrow if he can get everything packed into his little car by then. Then leaving us again in two weeks to take his first job as a firefighter and paramedic in Thompson Manitoba. It is the only place in Western Canada hiring right now. I so hoped there would be positions in Saskatoon but not yet.

If you have any connection in Thompson, please do let us know. Mark needs to find a place to live and get settled in so he can report for his first day of work on October 20th! Kind of exciting.

Sigh - two launched and into their careers. So our next big job here is to find a place and get him moved - furniture, dishes - he will be scrambling to get it all done. I know the Lord will supply all our needs in this.


Cheryl said...

I certainly do like your layouts Julie. They appeal to my linear thinking brain I guess. I tried out my camera little more today. I need to photograph something else other than my house and yard though!!! Maybe a walk by the river tomorrow. I just have a cake to bake for my daughter's birthday, should be able to get that done early. Got my oven cleaned today so should be good to go!!

Janet said...

Congrats to Mark, Julie! Letting the baby birds out of the nest is hard on the proud Mama. If I hear word from a friend about a place for him, I'll let you know.

Julie Cortens said...

Thanks Janet. I have a few people looking now and an ad going in the Thompson paper on Friday - but with a week to go we still have nothing for him.