Saturday, 28 February 2009

Manoa Falls

I had googled Manoa Falls before we left home in hopes of getting some good waterfall pics. I had my new polarizing filter, my lenses and my tripod and between David and myself, we hauled it the mile in on this steep, wet and root filled trail.

And after about 35 minutes of steady upward hiking we came to the falls......

That is wet rock you see there with a little "trickle " of water running down it.

Should have called it the Manoa Trickle!!

I took this 6 second shutter speed shot at the bottom of the falls in the steady rain - this was the only place you could actually SEE any water on this falls.

Apparently the Big Island has some spectacular falls - perhaps another time.

All was not lost though. The hike in (and out) was refreshing (and a little slippery at times) and it was good exercise. We met some very interesting people from Canada - B.C. on the way up and hiked down with a young couple from Utah.

Back at the bottom we loaded the gear and headed on to Honolulu and Waikiki for lunch at a favorite spot - Dukes! Lunch was fabulous and wait until you see the pics of the dessert!! mmmm

I wasn't disappointed with the fun pictures on Waikiki beach either - the best place in the world to people watch. They come in all shapes and sizes and they aren't afraid to show it... some people should NOT wear a bikini!!!

Stay tuned for some fun candid photos!


Cheryl said...

The Manoa Trickle probably wouldn't get as many tourists though, would it!!!???!!! You did a great job on the pics though, even if it is just a trickle. I am looking forward to seeing the photos that you post, it's like revisiting Hawaii again!! We were there soooo long ago. I think it was 1995. Wow. how time flies!!

Sheryl said...

Wow Julie, it sure looks like you guys are having a great time!!!

Murray said...

Glad you guys are having a great time! Your pics look right out of a scene from "Lost"!
BTW did you get a back-scratcher at Dukes?

Looking forward to seeing you tanned beautiful people soon!

- Murray and Cheryl

Leona Anne said...

Stumbled across a picture of the falls as I was showing my friend. You must've come during the dam of rocks that fell from the stream early this year. They cleared them out around mid to late may and the falls are back to their torrential state! Sorry you had to witness the dampened beauty of our awesome falls! Perhaps I'll go there soon and show you what they really look like.