Tuesday, 24 February 2009


I do love the ocean - the smell of the humid salty air refreshes me and I enjoy falling asleep to the rhythm of the waves coming shore. I am not particular though about being tossed to and fro in the salty water. I prefer to swim in a nice clear and slightly heated pool - city girl that I am.

But the relentless power of the ocean mesmerizes me and I can watch it for hours. Perhaps because it reminds me that there is a power in control of this world that is far beyond my comprehension. A power that I can trust and rest in.

so on to some of today's photos....

which BTW were taken by my sweetheart with our daughters camera.

Thank you Allison!

This Canon PowerShot SD850 with 8.0 pixels is a sweet little point and shoot that takes wonderful outdoor pictures.

...of me, taking pictures of the waves crashing on the rocks...

at the end of our beach is a coral/lava jut out and the waves smash up against it; very powerful!

we are in the condo on the right - 10th floor

These big kids were having a great time getting thrown about in the ocean. This is right out front of our condo. I couldn't help but think what a blast it would be to have our adult kids with us. They would spend hours out here no doubt on boogie boards. I would spend hours taking pictures of them. The sand is beautiful and the water actually fairly warm.

This final picture below, is my favorite of the day. This morning David and I headed north up the Ferrington hwy until it ends (only about 5 minutes). We parked and then walked further. We saw whales way out there. Well, actually we saw the water spurting up into the air but never saw the whales. We also saw a few pods of dolphins and they were having fun jumping out of the water. I have a few good shots of that I will upload tomorrow.

But on to this shot David took this morning. I am looking forward to scrapbooking this one.

He has a good eye for a great shot. And this was taken with the Canon point and shoot.

I will know my sweetheart is hooked when he trades in his golf clubs for a DSLR.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful location.
Can you share with me the name of the condo. I am thinking of a trip soon myself and usually stay in hotels, but this seems like a viable alternative.
Is it quiet?
YOur photos are great.

Julie Cortens said...

Yes! it is a very quiet area of Oahu, up the northwest coast and away from all the commercialism. Not a place you should wonder the streets at night,but our condo is gated with security.
All you hear at any time is the waves. The beach is perfect! I will try to get shots of the pool tomorrow.
Hawaiian Princess is the name of the condo - prvately owned and some are part of a time share program.
We just rented from a couple.
Tomorrow I'll post a link.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you're having a lot of fun! That last picture is really beautiful. Love you both,

Love Allison

Julie Cortens said...

Well there you go Allison - Dad took that picture with your camera too. Love you too! keep warm!