Wednesday, 25 February 2009

More pictures

Late afternoon sun from our lanai...

The opening photos for my Hawaii 2009 scrap book?

Or perhaps this one?

I think this is one of my favorite shots of the morning yesterday.

And my favorite shot from yesterday afternoon. I almost lost my sandals on this one. They were on the ground behind me when the water came in on this wave and picked them up rather swiftly. I grabbed them at the very last second before the ocean claimed them forever.

A pod of dolphins.

...or maybe porpoises? What do I know? What do YOU know?
A local said dolphins but as I see these photos and those pointy noses I am thinking porpoises. Any experts out there that can let me know? Please leave a comment.

Dinner on the lanai. The most wonderful Butter Fish! No flash. I made him sit there perfectly still for about four seconds smelling his supper. Three tries. What a patient guy.

Thoughts on the Hawaiian music?

Which Hawaii beach photo for the opening page? I think I am partial to the vertical.

Dolphins? or porpoises?


Laurie Bearce said...

I agree the vertical is best - more the music...and I think they might be porpoises.

Cheryl said...

I agree, the vertical one. Those are beautiful shots Julie. My guy did quite a few retakes on our holiday as well, he is pretty much my biggest fan!!! He follows around after me and offers quite good observations for a non camera fanatic!!

Cheryl said...

okay, googled porpoises and you have to look at their teeth!!! Porpoises have spade like teeth and dolphins have conical teeth, also their dorsal fin is more triangular than a dophin's which tends to have a curve, they are smaller and stouter but I am not sure you can tell that at such a distance, so go with the local's opinion and call them dolphins!!!!!

Julie Cortens said...

Yup Thanks Chery. I googled them and I am going with Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins.

Hey and aren't we blessed wth guys that encourage our passions? He is my biggest fan too. LOL love it!

Kate said...

Julie amaze me!!! Killer legs, killer photos, killer LOs AND a Birdie to boot! What can't you do?!? And I agree...the vertical photo for sure1 Love it!

Julie Cortens said...

Ha ha thanks Kate. I can't putt!!
I can't do a lot of stuff but I won't advertise that! hehe
The killer legs, which are no longer killer after too much food last night, came from 5:30 am killer spin (biking) classes at the gym for the past six weeks!!
the tan helps too! hehe