Monday, 9 February 2009

So Pretty

Hey! I got a page done.

I was cleaning up the clutter in my office/den/scrapbooking room and I picked up this picture and had an idea after looking at some other pages. And it fell together in about 15 minutes.

Wish they were all like that...but this time I had an "I don't care if all the patterned paper doesn't go perfectly" attitude - These were the scraps I had, so I was using them. Besides, when you have pink and red in there somewhere - well anything goes after that.

I FINALLY found a use for these Chatterbox chipboard letters!

Pretty soon Allison and I will be full into wedding decoration/reception planning/invitation mode.
If you have any advice on economical but classy/beautiful decorations for church, reception, cake table, guest table....please do share your advice.
Their colors are aqua blue and soft lime green. We were thinking that black table cloths might be cool. We have out guest gifts decided on and they are very pretty and delicate.

Any ideas for centerpieces that look fabulous with only 1-2 flowers in them? Allison is kind of stuck on gerbera daisies

Hard to believe that pretty little girl in this layout is getting married!


Anonymous said...

For my wedding we used topiary hydrangeas. They were very nice.

Cheryl said...

Finally got around to surfing on the internet again and was reading your blog to catch up. We used alot of those little mini lights and tea lights to put sparkle in and around the centerpieces and the cake and the walls. The hall literally glowed when the lights were turned down. If you ask around as we did lots of people have them and are quite willing to lend them for the occasion or so we found. Good luck, remember to not stress too much and make it fun! The day comes and goes so quickly so make the getting to the day stuff memorable!!! MY daughters and I really bonded during the process and I wouldn't give it to a wedding planner to do and miss that time with my girls ever.

Julie Cortens said...

Thank you anon - I googled some hydrangeas and found some beautiful ones but Allison is stuck on gerbera daisies.
Cheryl the tea light ideas is great. I found a site last night that just used all sorts of glass candle holders with shiny rocks in the bottom and tea lights on top - very nice and since we found some tea lights and little candles at the dollar store that were the perfect colour, perhaps we can do this.
Calling all local friends with clear glass tea light holders. I will check out Michael's today for little rocks in aqua blue with lime green tea lights??
I still have to figure out the center piece though.