Monday, 23 February 2009

What a Loooong day!!

I know, I have been MIA for almost a week. I hope you haven't given up on me.

Did ya miss me? I didn't think so...but I will bring you up to date anyways.

I am planning some fun and exciting photos over the next 10 days so I hope you will drop by and leave a comment. It really makes downloading these photos and posting them so much more fun when you know someone actually looks at them and maybe even likes them. :)

Life for the past several weeks has been about 5:30 am trips to the gym for my "spin" class to whip this body into shape, long gruelling work days with SHR and evenings of laundry, packing and getting ready for THIS 23 hour day!

My sweetheart and I spent 23 hrs in transit yesterday, much of which included loooong airport waits and sitting on the tarmac in Minneapolis for over an hour.

Jan and Larry it would have been so much more fun to do it with you guys!!

next time!

Flying is BORING!

So I pass the time with my ipod, my camera, a book, a photography mag and nibbles.

But really, just how much can you photograph sitting on the white, cold tarmac for over an hour.

But once in the air things get a little interesting.

Besides we are heading SOUTH!

I get to play with my new polarizing filter.

This polarizing filter is really going to give me that eureka! moment when I use it in lush tropical places with waterfalls, but for now I am passing the time trying to learn how to adjust it for different effects. I am having fun!

And after 23 hrs, four airports, too many snacks and cramping legs, a trashy novel, momentary uncomfortable naps, a smooth touch down in Oahu, luggage waiting and then wait yet again for the shuttle to Thrifty car rentals, waiting for our rental (we didn't get the convertible!!) we FINALLY arrived at about 4am home time and 11 pm Hawaii time. Was it worth it?


Our fully equipped and very comfortable condo at 11 pm last night (also known as 4am my time)

We are on the 10th floor and I can hear the ocean crashing in on shore. It smells wonderful!

The view from the balcony last night with a three second shutter speed without a tripod because I am too tired to set it up. I'll get a better one with the tripod tonight.

Palm trees..

beautiful sand...

warm air off the ocean..

crashing waves...

Ah, David is finally up so I will sign off. We are out the door for breakfast and a little grocery shopping and THEN we will hang out on this beach!



Anonymous said...

glad you are taking a vacation - you deserve. Yes I am looking at your blog and have missed it. Your condo looks wonderful - is it a time share?

Julie Cortens said...

No it is not a time share although there are several people here on time shares that we chatted with at the pool. We don't have a time share..anywhere, but have stayed in this condo twice. I found it on the internet after much searching. Very reasonable but sort of off the beaten track so you have to have a rental car.
I really should figure out how time shares work becaus I DO love to get away to a warm place every year.