Monday, 23 February 2009

On the beach

Out for breakfast, some grocery shopping, lounging by the pool and a walk on the beach. That's my idea of holidays. Tender Poke tuna for lunch. We have found a local grocery store and the locals are very helpful in pointing us to the authentic stuff that they eat. We will cook up some butter fish for supper tonight.

It is cloudy here so not too hot but certainly warm enough to wander down the beach in our bathing suits. The sun came out now and then and oh how warm it felt. I just couldn't soak up enough of it's wonderful warmth after being barricaded in the great white north for the past four months.

I have been reading articles on Digital Photography School about the cool effects one can achieve by overexposing. I have also been reading up on negative space. David and the ocean were my subjects today. I have a link on the blog to the Digital Photography School. Do check it out if you own a DSLR.

I love the effect. Tonight I am going to try a very long exposure of the waves, lit only by the light from the condo and the stars if they are out. Also hoping for an interesting sunset photo tonight.

I wish I could capture for you the waves crashing outside the lanai right now. I wish I could send you some of the warmth of the sun. I wish you could all be here. Really! Ifeel so blessed and want to share it with all of you.
So, tell me what you think of my very overexposed pictures of my husband on the beach. He is such a good sport about posing for me! Doubly blessed!


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Julie Cortens said...

Thank Laurie. I really like the look inthese photos - something kind of surreal about them. I am wondering how they will look when printed.i wiell have to do soething cool to them.