Thursday, 26 February 2009

Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins

I did a little googling at 5 am this morning...because my inner clock is clinging to Saskatoon time. I am feeling rather certain that the dolphins we saw Monday morning were Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins.

They do fit the description of these playful dolphins with longer noses that love to jump way out of the water ad spin before splashing down.

This was also a mighty fine time to put in a plug for a telephoto lens and with my birthday less than a month away......

On other items of Hawaiian interest, I had a request from a commenter to let you know how I found this condo. I found it on VBRO which I have found to be the best site for locating good accommodations anywhere.

We are staying at the Hawaiian Princess condos and they are for the most part privately owned by people around the world who rent them out at very reasonable prices. I have come across a few Canadians who own one or two of these condos and wish one of them was ME.

Wouldn't you love a warm ocean front place to escape to whenever!

We rented from the Maxwell's and are staying in their condo called Princess 4 - they own about six condos in here. Very nice people to rent from and if you ever book with them tell them I sent you! :)

There are mostly boring middle age couples here - like us - so other then the constant lull of the waves and the wind whistling through the condo to cool it, it is VERY quiet here. We are 40 min out of Honolulu unless you attempt it in morning rush hour, which we did yesterday. It took an hour and a half. But the views along the ocean made is a rather nice drive.

A condo like this is Waikiki on the 10th floor on the ocean with a nice pool would likely cost $350-$450 a night USD. The princess condo's one bedroom are all $130 to $140/night USD.

I you come to Hawaii, you have to experience Waikiki and Honolulu ....but you don't have to live there. Just drive in and spend the day. There are wonderful places and experiences all over the island of Oahu that you can visit, so a car rental should always be in the budget. Where you lay your head at night does not have to be exhorbitantly expensive.

Okay - time to put the coffee on...and the bathing suit. Just checked the Saskatoon temps for today - MINUS 20 is the HIGH!! Yikes!! and it's minus 33 right now.

I do wish you could all be here with us. It would be serious fun to have all our friends and family book in the same condo bldg and have huge BBQ's on the beach every night and hang out by the pool during the day.

Global warming! Bring it on!!


Angie said...

As you sit in nice warm Hawaii...I just remind myself of all the wonderful Prima stuff that just came in. :) Love the pictures of the dolphins. That would be so exciting to watch.

Julie Cortens said...

Yes, I noticed!!! You will leave some of that gorgeous Prima for me right?? I was tempted to call Laura and ask her to put aside all the stuff I would like! She always does such a good job of shopping for me. Laura??????

Cheryl said...

You are really lucky to be where it is warm today. IT is cold here, brrrrrr. I had to be a city hospital this morning bright and early for a MRI of my ankle and it was pretty chilly out there. Spring should be right around the corner and it's way far down the block yet!! Enjoy.

Angie said...

I have to agree, Laura does an awesome job shopping for people. She always knows what to show me that is new that I might like when I come into the store.

Julie Cortens said...

Cheryl - hope the MRI results go well. Are you limping?
Angie - if you are in the store, ask Laura to do some shopping for me - especially interested in the pearl swirls.

Laura said...

Julie, it will cost you big time...haven't decide what, but there are a few things that I know you would like and this shopping trip with me will cost you. So save room on your visa. Hee, hee, hee.

Julie Cortens said...

Sorry VISA is overextended - went to Roy's for dinner last night.
How about a box of chocolate covered macadamia nuts!!

Laura said...

hhmm...okay. but i am serious about the prima collection. you are going to love it.

Laura said...

not to mention the teresa collins lines...i told janys that it has been at least a year since i had to completely restrain myself from buying it all. not joking. chipboard books, overlays, paper in four lines, chipboard accessories, to do 5x7, 6x12 books. you are going to love that. check it out.

see you when you get back to reality.