Sunday, 8 February 2009

Just Be YOU

I drove my sweetheart to the airport at 5 am this morning. Some of you were just going to bed...

He is off to Raleigh North Carolina and staying in the loveliest Inn. I am a tad jealous. I would be with him but I have to work.

So inconvenient!!

He will be in meetings
all day every day for three days, but since he needs a car rental to get to the Inn, I could be off with my camera all day every day for three days and loving it!!
But I have to work. (do I sound a tad resentful?)

Well, no because that work will help pay for an upcoming get away for the two of us to a warm place. A warm place where I plan to take a 6 GB's worth of photographs. ...and then there is that upcoming wedding...

So at 5:30 am Sunday morning I am back home, alone, and he is on his way to the warm south.

He has a four hr stop over in Minneapolis. Now for most guys they would groan at this thought, but us ladies know that the Minneapolis airport has some of the finest and classiest women's clothing stores out there. I can EASILY spend my 4 hrs shopping. He took a book.

I came home from the airport, put on my decaf and then wandered into the den/office/scrapbook room. I spied this photo and just had some ideas thanks to some layouts I had loaded into my scrapbook ideas files a while ago.

I had great fun with the rub-ons and actually went a little crazy with them - some I have had for three years.
When I first came across this photo, I had picked up three new papers and I didn't use any of then. Just used a piece of leftover scraps. But hey..that is "scrap" booking right?

A few weeks ago I went through all my stuff and organized - including sorting all my scraps of paper by color. It is amazing how you can use the stuff up when you know you have it!!

That Just Be You rub on has to be over a year old.

Anyways, I had a whole bunch of fun (even at 6am on a Sunday morning) with a picture of Allison taken got it, Feb 2002. I think we were up at Table Mtn skiing when this was taken.

I am at 31 pages for 2002.... and only about half way through the stack of photos!
And there is a wedding coming up!

Now, enough of the stash. The new Basic Grey is in at Just Scrap It and I plan to refurbish the stash with some "marrakech" and a few other pretties.

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