Friday, 27 February 2009

A fabulous day!!!

Wow what a great day we had yesterday. The weather was a perfect 27C with a light breeze.

...if you were shovelling snow you may not want to hear about it and can stop reading right now if this is going to put a damper on your minus 24C day.....sorry!

We started the day with nine holes of golf...because I DON"T golf so the nine holes was a compromise. My sweetheart LOVES golf. I thought I would just tag along in the motorized cart and take pictures, but he wanted me to actually golf. So I did and you know what? I actually did quite well. I birdied a hole! That means I did it in one under par. Only the pros do that!!! You know, Tiger Woods and those guys. But this is me - once a year keep the husband happy golfer.

Yup! That is me in complete shock. A seven iron at 100 yards out, landed on the green and promptly rolled into the hole. See the little red flag in the top rt corner? Yup 100 yards my sweetheart tells me. Am I good or what!!!???

"HOW did you do that!!!"
Nothing to it dear, just a good seven iron well aimed!

There it is - third hole of the Makaha Golf Resort. I think I could get to like this game if I never had to putt.

Dear husband is always wowed by my drives. I tell him it is all those push ups and power lifting classes I have been taking! What dya think?

I think he is just trying to convince me that I should be a golfer.

Yesterday I was almost (that's almost) out driving him and hitting em pretty straight. I was also connecting nicely with the irons - especially that seven iron!! But PUTTING???

It is a tad frustrating to be on the green in two and then six putt - thus - this game is NOT for me. I am WAY too impatient. Now floor hockey has a little more action!

I figure though if I can sink em all from 100 yards out I may take up golf. You know, avoid the putting all together.

Lunch and a tropical drink by the pool - a little reading, a little snoozing.

Hanging out on the beach. A little reading, a little snoozing and other tropical drink...

And then get all dressed up for supper at our very favorite Hawaii restaurant - Roy's

Check my post on Roy's at my Fine Dining Saskatoon site. Okay it is not Saskatoon and surrounding area, but it is definitely Fine Dining!



Mrs Manz said...

Hmmm... methinks Dave looks a TAD sun-kissed in that last photo. :)
You both look like you're having a great time, though - you're right - we're envious here in the land below zero. Minus 27 this morning BEFORE windchill!!! :-P

Cheryl said...

Way to go Julie, with the golfing I mean. I decided to take up golfing because my husband also likes to golf and I thought I would be his partner when we retire so that I get to spend time with him. Well, I suck big time at golfing and that is no exaggeration. I keep trying but..... I am a better scrapbooker I think!!! LOL

Julie Cortens said...

Cheryl, we need to get together as couples. The guys can golf and we can go take pictures. Or better yet we could golf as a fousome - them seriously and you and I taking pics and laughing all the way!!

I really do need to figure this putting stuff out though if we are to retire and travel and together.
Kendall - minus 27 - ouch! I am in a bathing suit right now.

Anonymous said...

JULIE! You look absolutely GREAT! Dave, you do too of course.:-D
Thanks for posting great pics. It's as good as being there with you!(read that:not anywhere near as good as being there, but trying to make myself pretend I'm not too sad that we didn't come along...)Hope you and Dave enjoy, enjoy, enjoy your time together.
See you in a week or so...maybe the weather will be warmer when you get back???
Love, Jan

Julie Cortens said...

Thanks Jan! Yes we are really enjoying ourselves and so sorry you and Larry are not hanging out with us. Next time! We don't plan to return home until my tulips are peekng through - just kidding!

Kendall - I am relooking at David's 'sun-kissed' face and I am thinking likely one too many Mai Tai's at Roy's... or maybe both.

Anonymous said...

:) (this is a smiley face in case you miss it)

We'll miss you tomorrow!

Keep enjoying! It does my heart good!


Mrs Manz said...

lol... after looking it again it looked more like a sun-hickie. (lol!) Good to know mine isn't the only face that turns red with cocktails. :)