Monday, 2 March 2009

Ah ...... experience Waikiki

We came for the food....

More fish?
We'll be growing fins soon!
Well, we just can't get enough Ahi tuna. It is one of the big reasons we come to Hawaii.
Along with some fabulous grilled Opah fish. OPAH!! no, wait, that's Greek!
When in Hawaii eat fish - it is fresh, fresh, fresh and it is what the Hawaiians do best.
Trust me - do not order beef on this island.

Okay, the drinks are pretty darn good too and sooo pretty to look at.
No, Murray we didn't order the back scratcher, but almost!
And you and Cherl along with Jan and Larry should have been there with us!!

But the dessert....
It is about 6 spin classes worth of calories....
Do you know how good this tastes on a hot day on Waikiki beach???

I knew you would want to see it from a few different angles.

...and we ate it all!

Besides great food and drink, the surf and the sun, Waikiki is about people watching!
I love to people watch and at Waikiki you see it all - they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and they are NOT afraid to show you.

Yes Waikiki is all about people - scads of them lining the beach soaking up the sun's rays before they have to head back to shovelling snow and their cold dark homes somewhere up north.

..and there are over a mile of them... all ages, all sizes, all colours, all shapes....just hanging, relaxin, soaking up the sun and doin NOTHIN! Some of them are wearing the craziest things - and they DON"T care. This is THEIR vacation!

This guy is feeling no pain!

They come to get the tan and pay big bucks to say they surfed Waikiki.
The sensible ones take lessons because it just might not be as easy as it looks!

Some of them surf well into retirement.
And then there are the "normal" people who just come for more Ahi tuna!
and volcanic ice cream cake.....
Have you been to Waikiki Beach?
Share your experience with us!


Laurie Bearce said...

Santa surfs?!
I haven't been to Hawaii yet. But my parents got engaged on Waikiki beach at sunset. I hear it was pretty romantic. Great pictures! Looks like tons of fun! If you're still going there in 10 years or so we'd love to tag along. :)

Julie Cortens said...

Oh my, I wonder if that was him? hey he deserves a holiday too.

Waikiki at sunset is incredible and a VERY romantic place to become engaged. Love it!

See ya in 10 years!

Rachel Peterson said...

Hmm..Perhaps some of these photos should be considered "censored" rather than placed on public display.
Just a thought.

Helen Tilbury said...

I just love your blog - you live such a good life - just visiting you refreshes me (& makes me jealous too...);-)

Julie Cortens said...

Thanks Helen, I am blessed and thankful for all I have - mostly my husand and four children (just like you!). There was no travel or photography in my life when I was at home raising and home schooling my four. I am just making up for lost time. haha You know - trying to pack it all into my 50's.
Working like crazy to plan the next trip....or lens. haha
But seriously, the good life is about faith and family and all the love (and some trials) wrapped up in that. ... and scrapbooking...did I say that?

Ralna Nordstrom @ Just Scrap It! said...

wow glad you weren't on my beach taking pictures, course I spent agonizing hours trying on swimsiuts to find one that I didn't look have bad in. When I got to beach I realized I could have picked and 2 piece off the rack, any size and I would have fit in just fine with all the bouncing flesh hanging out and our beach was dominated by topless european women. I could have just bought bottoms HA!

Julie Cortens said...

Ralna you looked fabulous in your vacation pics.

No topless women here though. This is America!

The beauty of Waikiki is that everyone can lie on the beach any way and in anything they want (without revealing the essentials)and it is okay!

Carpe Diem!!

I am gad all these people felt they could enjoy their vacation no matter what their size or tastes.

For me Waikiki was a photographic commentary. The world is full of people - all different sorts. The perfect models are a little boring.