Friday, 13 March 2009

Planet S magazine is looking for the Best of Saskatoon ...and other stuff.

I know, I have been MIA...but with work at two jobs, workouts in the wee hours of the morning and working bees of cutting and gluing wedding invitations...well there has been little time at the keyboard; except for those wedding invitations and photo editing and all that stuff.
But it is Friday - YAHOO!! And I have an hour or so here. I also have a few piles of dirty laundry...especially that gym gear!

But on to the important things...

Planet S magazine is looking for your opinion on the “Best of Saskatoon.” Voting is easier than ever – you can submit your choices by email. Here are the rules:
1. Click on the email link below and then send.

2. They send a return message to your in box.

3. You Click Reply and a list of the categories will appear along with space for you to tell them who you are.

4. Fill out at least 30 categories, your name, address, phone and email.

5. Click Send!

You get to vote on all your fave places in this great city of Saskatoon...sorry this leaves all you non Saskatoonians out of the game.
Your ballot automatically enters you to win a food & fashion prize package.

More than
$700 worth of Saskatoon’s best dining and fashion!
Here is the link:

My birthday is on Monday - I will be 52 and proud of it!! Dear husband is wracking his brain about what to get me and I, being practical as I am, have my eye on a gorgeous diamond ring!! But as a backup I am asking for a new computer monitor so I can see all my work so much better as I figure out Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.
I'll let you know the verdict on Tuesday. We are going to Truffles for supper Monday night!!

If you have any expertise in the area of monitors for photo editing, please leave me a comment with any suggestions, warnings or otherwise helpful ideas. And the budget is less than the diamond ring.

Speaking of Lightroom - I lied. I have been doing more than just typing wedding invitations. I have spent some time clicking my way around Lightroom 2 and many tutorials. This program is looking pretty slick!!

Now I am back to thinking about that Olympus E-3 again...or the E-30????

Boy, just how much stuff can you pack into one week. I feel like I need another holiday especially with the weather this week!! But it was good to see the temps inch their ways to the melting point today.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. Get out and enjoy this balmy weather!


Cheryl said...

Have a very happy birthday on Monday, I am posting this now because I may forget by monday!! Enjoy your day. And I don't have any input on monitors or lightroom, sorry. Good luck.

Original Inspirations said...

Well, Happy Birthday Julie. I'd hold out for the new screen - you'll get more use out of it. But you know, diamonds - hmmm.

My birthday was yesterday. Pisces we be!