Wednesday, 4 March 2009

books, books, books!

David has been reading up a storm on our vacation, mostly but not limited to, Ken Follett books.... In the past 2 weeks he has red no less that seven novels. Two of these Ken Follett books he read before we even left because he bought them too soon before our trip and couldn't wait.

I wish I could read as vorasiously as he does. I bought one novel and am only half way through it. It is terrible. I have been reading another very Good Book though. In my book Paul just dumped Barnabas and took off with Silas! He's off to the Greece .

Reading is what David loves to do on vacation. It is going to be hard for the two of us to get back to the daily 6am grind.

We are somewhere over the Pacific when you read this post...or maybe sitting in the Minniapolis trying to snooze, David reading his tenth Ken Follett

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Amanda said...

I'm like David -- love to read. I'll read almost anything I can get my hands on, most days!

Never read Ken Follett, tho -- maybe I'll have to give him a try. :)