Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Kailua Beach..a short visit.

After a great time of fellowship with our friends and International Baptist Church this past Sunday morning, David and I headed over the Pali Hwy to Kailua Beach.

Kailua Beach is said to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The sand is so soft and the water a gorgeous turquoise.

It has been a rather windy this week and the "windward' side of the island was particularly windy today. So despite it's beauty, Kailua Beach was blowin' up a storm.

This meant that lying on the beach was not too enjoyable.

However the guys out sailboarding and para surfing were having a great time and we enjoyed watching them (with our sweaters on).

They were pretty impressive.


Amanda said...

Looks fabulous -- don't you just miss those clear blue waters?

Anonymous said...

Is this the same beach we went to by Buzz's last year? If so, it was the same then- and only the guys went into the water!
If I recall, us girls tried to keep the blowing sand out of our hair...but it was still beautiful, and I would go back in a second!

Julie Cortens said...

Yup! Same beach and actually almost the exact same spot just up from the parking lot. We didn't go to Buzz's though - we had packed a lunch which we ate in the car rather than the windy beach.