Sunday, 22 March 2009

more Bisous PDQ Shabby line

You know, the trouble with this line of paper is that both side are so gorgeous and I want to use them both. I hate to put the back side face down in the album. What a waste of beautiful paper.

I hear this often at the store and I have told numerous customers that "you just have to get over it".

I should take my own advice, but I am having trouble doing that this time. I love the other side of this paper. I may just have to get some and use it!!

OR figure out what will go next in the scrapbook and scrapbook the back - however I do dislike being limited to where I put my pages and this efficient method does that to me.

Isn't this just fun paper?? I just have so many ideas for it and I love the I am going to have to buy this again because right now this beautiful paper is on the back side of my recent two page layout. What a shame. Do any of you struggle with this??

This is the other side and what I started with....

I had eleven pictures to squeeze on to two pages so a lot of neat stuff was covered up. But c'est la vie ~ another 2002 summer afternoon up at Emerald lake eating too much food, sitting in the sun and water skiing is now in the archives.

The end result.... Friends, Food, Fun Emerald Lake 2002


Cheryl said...

I know what you mean, my daughter Tanya won a pack of this paper at the crop this past weekend and we were checking it out today, both sides are just beautiful and she said she was going to have a really really hard time deciding which one to use!! We had a great time and took a couple of classes to get us going. Did not too bad but of course, socializing and shopping sort of got in the way of too much creativity taking place!!!

Anonymous said...

If the paper is of heavier quality, I simply use it instead of the the scrapbooking page, then I have the benefit of both sides. I use the pioneer scrapbooks, so it is as simple as replacing the white page with the beautiful page. Do you know what I mean?
However, if the paper is thinner, then I also feel it is such a waste to have a beautiful side unused i.e. face down!!
Ah the joys of scrapbooking!!