Monday, 23 March 2009

Penny Lane

I finished another page Sunday evening. It works well to scrapbook while you are waiting for the dryer to finish and get those permanent Press shirts out fast.

It is always fun to use new paper and I am liking the new My Mind's Eye Penny Lane line. It is also a bonus to be using photos from the past year!! The flowers are from K and Company and Bazzill. Remember when metal was the rage?? Well I came across some in the stash and so I am restarting the fad again. Dig out those metal embellishments ladies!!

David and I like to take the bicycles out for a ride on Saturday mornings. I take my camera knapsack and stop often for photos - David is very patient with me. I think he just appreciates the opportunity to catch his breath. hehe

So here we are along the river paths - just one picture of me because I am the one with the camera.

the journaling reads...
David and I enjoy our Saturday morning dates. Usually it is a walk up to Intermission House for a coffee and biscuit. But when the roads are clear of ice and snow, we get our bikes out and go for a ride. On this summer morning we headed north on Central Ave and then headed down to the paths along the Saskatchewan River. The hour out on our bikes is a good enough work out for us and always involves a stop at Rob’s Intermission House for a coffee before heading back home and into our day.


Cheryl said...

Lovely layout Julie, but the journaling is alittle tricky to read!!!LOL

Julie Cortens said...

Thanks Cheryl. I used a downloaded font from for my journalling. If you don't have this font on your computer it probably looks like wingdings!!
So I have now changed the font to one of the boring fonts that blogger offers and it is, hopefully, readable. let me know if you can't read it because on my computer is looks like the way I posted it.

i am the diva said...

Love it!
i also run into that problem of Lots of Pictures of my hubby and son and hardly any of me. LOL

But, i just upgrade my camera, so hopefully when we go on our big trip next winter we'll bring both and maybe, MAYBE, he'll use the old one and there just might be some pics of me on there. a girl can dream. :D

Laura (Little Rockstar's Mom)

Anonymous said...

Do you get all your prints done with a white border? On looking closely at your pages, it appears that each photo has a white edge, but it looks thinner than an actual print with a border!

Julie Cortens said...

Nope - never have pictures printed with a white border, but I will on occasion if I am using distressed paper, do a fine sanding on the edges of my photos to allow them to pop off the page a tad.
Now the secret is out of the bag!! Actually - a well know technique. JSI has great sanding blocks just for this.

Amanda said...

You know, Julie -- I stalk your blog. And I love the layouts you do with you and your hubby, it just shows how much you love him. Makes me feel all thankful for mine. ((hugs))

Julie Cortens said...

haha... stalk away Amanda. I have a pretty good suspicion that you are not alone!!
And yes - I do love this guy to pieces and love spending time with him. Soul mates - it is a wonderful blessing to be cherished.