Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Hawaiian Turtles are BIG!

Look what I saw off our lanai just after sunrise Monday am.

You can also see the shadow of our condo building on the water. The sun rises directly behind us - which means it sets directly off the lanai. I will post some sunsets.

But this was sun rise at about 7am and this is the first time I think, in my life that I have seen both ends of a rainbow. The left side went right down to the shore and I was looking for that pot of gold, but it wasn't there.

I just love how my wide angle lens captured this image and I think the polarizing filter helped make the ROYGBIV all the more clear. Okay quick test how many of you remember what ROYGBIV is?

After breakfast I drove David off to the golf course to golf 18 holes while I headed for a workout on the beach. I tell ya my calves have never worked so hard. Walking briskly in wet sand for 45 minutes is a great leg strengthener. I was watching for turtles during my whole walk and didn't see one.

But wouldn't you know it? As soon as I got back into the condo and looked out the lanai ...well there he was. A nice big one.

A quick switch to the zoom (wish it were a telephoto) lens and I got him when he came up for a little air.

Try clicking on the photos to get them in larger size. Not as clear as I would like but pretty darn good for 10 stories up! Then again had I had that telephoto.....

I was off to pick David up at the golf course and have lunch with him there. It is such a beautiful spot to eat out on the terrace overlooking the golf course.

We had....gee this is getting kind of embarrassing....want to guess???

You got it!!

It is just so darn tender and delicious.

We spent the afternoon Monday hanging at the pool and going for a dip in the ocean. Oh I wish I could capture that on film. So warm and the waves so much fun... but very salty and after a while those waves keep rocking you back and forth and back and forth and back and forth.....and it is time to get out and try to stand in one spot without keeling over.

I can't imagine being lost at sea. Man, would I do a lot of throwing up!!

It's hot dogs for supper tonight- got to start cleaning out the fridge. So sad....

Time to phone home and tell the kids to clean the place up and order in some warm weather to Saskatoon.

Get on that would someone please?


Angie said...

That one picture of the two rainbows is neat. And I don't think anyone could forget ROYGBIV, lol.

Sheryl said...

Looks great Julie. I wish I could bury my toes in some warm sand today if only for a moment or two.:)

Julie Cortens said...

Ah I loved the warm sand too but tomorrow we head to the airport for that loooong flight home and you know I miss home and the kids and my bed and my house and my friends and my scrapbook supplies and I am feeling antsy about gettin to JSI for all that new stuff!