Saturday, 22 November 2008

You did it!

This page took 4 EVER to do. Probably because I have been working a lot lately and not had time. This had been sitting on my desk for a few weeks and every day I would spend a little time moving things about never satisfied with the outcome. I finally glued it down. It started as a one page spread..until I did some journalling, and then it became a two page. Two pages for two little pictures but then add Harolds graduation certificate and the journalling and it grew.
I am not happy with the outcome. It just doesn't feel right or balanced or something. I guess if I knew what it was I would change it. But hey they can't all be a masterpiece. haha

But I am happy that I was able to get Harold's graduation recorded. Home-schoolers don't go through all the hoopla that the public school system goes through here in Saskatchewan. High school graduation is lo key and I like it that way. We celebrated as a family without all the pressures of formals, ceremonies and worries about after grad parties.

What I love about my scrapbooking is the opportunity to look back at my children's lives, their struggles and their accomplishments, and see the big picture. It really blesses me to see what wonderful people they really have turned out to be...despite their parents! :)

This does help when I arrive home from work to a messy kitchen and dishes everywhere when I have just cleaned it up at 6:45am that morning before leaving for work! Big picture, look at the big picture!

Perspective.....scrapbooking gives us perspective and helps us focus on the important things in life; the good things and the meaningful things. Maybe that is why I love to stare at these old photos and put them is my scrapbook. Because even the tough times that I thought I would never get through, seem to always work out in the end. And it is good for the soul to recognize that. There is a scripture from Romans 8:28 that says "And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose." And He does seem to work things out and bring good out of even the most hopeless situations.

Have a blessed day today! And if you are walking through some dark times, know that He can bring good even out of these dark times. Just ask Him about it. :) He will show you the Light.


eddy the reds said...

very nice blog

Cheryl said...

I understand what you are saying but you are right, sometimes just getting the memories down so that they will survive the years in just more important than the beauty of the page. I have lots like that and even though I am not happy with them, other people view them differently. I always find your pages appealing to look at, so don't be so hard on yourself.

Angie said...

I really like how you did a two page spread with two pictures. I think you did a very nice job. And I totally agree with your thoughts on scrapbooking. It really helps remember the important things in life.

Julie Cortens said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence friends. The page is growing on me.
Angie - where are you? Your blog is very quiet. In the midst of moving? Looking forward to pictures of the new house.

Angie said...

Life has kind of hit us in September. I'm on the leadership team for MOM's, and then busy packing and cleaning, getting ready to move in January, swimming lessons, preschool, work...and then day to day stuff...I haven't really had much time to do more than browse a little here and there. Now with Christmas coming, there seems to be so much more busyness. By February, we hope to slow down a little. And spend more time together as a family and getting settled in the new house. Hopefully I'll get to a new post soon...glad you miss me though :)

Kate said...

Don't you love love LOVE those clocks??? Great detail on that page. You know, my whole wedding album is FULL of "I'm not sure about that one". But again, that's not the point. It's recorded! It's done with love! You rock because you scrap baby.

Julie Cortens said...

Oh, yes Kate...I have a nice supply of clocks - black, beige, translucent in a variety of sizes.
Clocks evoke a sense of a passage of time or of a time to remember and they so often are just the perfect embellishment on a page ....especially when it is about a young man and you can't use flowers!!! LOL
and yah... we are recording life here with each page, not trying to impress the world....although it is nice if the world happens to be impressed...hehehe

Saucy said...

Hey! I found you via Feedjit, I am also a Saskatoon blogger and scrapper... nice to meet you.

Julie Cortens said...

Hey Saucy, cool!! I have been to your site too via Leisa and Pam's blogs - we all worked at JSI together at one time. American Girl Dolls are the best and our Allison was still collecting them at age 12...she is now 18 and they are carefully tucked away. Love them!