Sunday, 23 November 2008


This was a difficult page to do because it was all about a dear friend who died of cancer. It seems the past few pages have brought to mind challenges in my life (Harold's schooling) and sad events and losses. We often don't take pictures of these events but sometimes the pictures we do have remind us that we have come through some difficult times and we will come through more. But hey! I am woman!!

I prefer layouts about sweet babies or birthdays or fun events and especially traveling and the different places I have visited. But the realities of life is that we do go through hardships and losses and they hurt and they are part of life. I add this page and my memories about my dear friend because I miss her and I want to remember her and the fun times we had raising our children together. I am thankful that the good Lord has allowed me to see my children almost grown and Lord willing He will also allow me to see my grandchildren.

Not so for my friend Sharon. She was called home to the Savior she loves earlier then we wanted. But His timing is perfect. I don't fully understand this and all the hurts that resulted, but I trust Him completely and I know His will is perfect. We soldier on!

These photos are from Spring 2002 when I visited Sharon in Langley, B.C. The journalling was hard to do. I spent most of the afternoon writing, mulling it over, deleting, starting again and feeling sad.

I was also feeling really sick today too, so there was a nap in there as well. I haven't been sick in a very long time, and if any of you suffer from meniere's desease, you will know what my day was like. Haven't had an attack since that helicopter ride in Hawaii!! And I haven't been on any fun rides this week so I am not sure where this came from but it has improved with rest and drinking a gallon water. It was a quiet day despite the Grey Cup and so a good one to reflect and journal. But I digress.

This crate paper was perfect - from the 'lemon grass collection' and I am thinking I might just pick up some more for my stash - it is just nice paper not only to work with, but to look at. Some Bazzill flowers - which I am running out of, some bling from 'me and my BIG ideas' and a few prima. The bird in the top rt corner is heidi swapp.

If you want to read the journalling, double click on the page and it will get big enough for you to read.

Here it is..... another page from 2002.

Thanks for letting me share my day with you....
Blessings! He continues to provide and I give thanks!

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Helen Tilbury said...

Shame...that is so sad! Clicked on the images so I could read the journalling...I agree that your paper choice is perfect. Also kinda symbolic...the circle of life you know?