Thursday, 6 November 2008

Savannah, Georgia

Finally, some pics from the trip. Sorry - been really busy seeing all the sites and eating. I am sitting on the piazza (front porch) of the Governor's House Inn in Charleston. But today I will update you on some pictures I took on a day trip where we rode the trolley tour and walked the streets of old Savannah, Georgia.

Stopped for lunch of grit cakes, collard greens, southern fried tomatoes, shrimp and calamari.

Then we headed off on foot into the oldest part of Savannah - late 1700's cotton exchange district down by the waterfront. I suspect a lot of evil stuff happened down here at night....

...and a little trivia for you movie buffs

Here is Six Pence Pub where Grace (Julia Roberts) rounded the corner at historic Johnson Square and spied her husband, Eddie (Dennis Quaid), cheek to cheek with another gal in "Something to Talk About" .

I will have to see that movie.

And I will leave you with this last picture. This church in Savannah Georgia is featured in a popular film - even I saw it!

Do you know which one?

Hint - it is in the opening scene...and perhaps in the closing scene too (can't remember but I think it is).

There is a feather involved. Know the film??

Across the street is a famous park bench local- well actually the bench is gone but the place where the bench was filmed is there.

Tomorrow I will upload my Charleston pics. We are off on a tour of Fort Sumter this afternoon.

Now, y'all have a good day, ya hear!


Cheryl said...

Hi Julie, Looks like you are enjoying yourself. Would the film be Forrest Gump? I have always wanted to see the south States so maybe you will have to be my eyes until I can get there myself!!

kristen said...

very cool photos!

Julie Cortens said...

Ah, I think I gave too many hints. haha but yes Cheryl you are right! It was Forrest Gump and now I have to watch it again to see how much of the scenery I recognize. Apparently a good chunk of it was filmed in Savannah.
Saw an alligator yesterday - photos are up on the blog.:)

Sarah Robbins said...

Wow! It is so beautiful there. Don't you just love the South? So much history! Glad you all seem to be having such a good time- and I love your new hairdo.