Saturday, 15 November 2008

Why Buy Expensive Toys?

The simplist things in life are the most enjoyable.


Bamm-ela said...

That was TOO funny. Thanks for sharing that. Brings back great memories of having a young one in the house. Makes me almost - ALMOST - look forward to grandchildren. NOT YET, SON!

Julie Cortens said...

Yeah, I laughed so hard I have now watched it about nine times...and I still laugh!

Original Inspirations said...

I laughed and smiled real big!

But I also thought of the simplest gift that it was - the gift of a child's laughter. Absolutely, astoundingly beautiful. If only the moment of spending time with a child was blessed to all children of the world. Adn to hear all of their laughter - well, what a chorus that would be.

This little babe is adorable and the man sharing the moment, I assume is the Dad, is a treasure.