Sunday, 16 November 2008

Governor House Inn

We were primarily down in South Carolina to visit my sister and brother-in -law, but took the opportunity to drive into Charleston for a few days and stay at a fabulous B&B ~ The Governors House Inn.

In the late 1700's Governor's House was the residence of Governor Edward Rutledge, South Carolina patriot, statesman and the youngest signer of the Declaration of Independence. Henrietta Middleton, his wife, was part of the prominent Charleston family who owned Middleton Place plantation and gardens. I will do a blog on Middleton soon.

The Inn has been recognized as the most elegant Charleston bed and breakfast and "one of the most romantic inns in America". We agree completely and will be back for another visit. It was fabulous! Fun! and Romantic!

We had St Michael's room on the third floor. It was perfect!

This is the view of the house from the back where we had secure parking.
Parking is scarce in Charleston because every piece of the downtown area is used.
So you always want to find a place with parking. Another plus of this Inn is that they provide bikes available and David and I spent a wonderful morning biking around the battery.

The piazza - the place to read the morning paper and have a coffee.
And they made fresh decaf for me every morning.

the living room

the front hall - love that grandfathers clock!

those ceilings are12 ft.(?)

the parlor

the dining room - the largest room on the house,
where we had a great breakfast every morning.

This mirror is probably 7-8 ft tall.
If I were standing in the doorway to the left
I would barely come up to the half way mark of the door.

The grand staircase. There was a servants staircase at the back of the house too.
Oh if the walls could talk....

the first flight of stairs.

another flight and we were up on the third floor - which we had all to ourselves.
Down this long hall was St Micheal's room - names so because you can see the steeple of St Micheal's Church from our window.

beautiful sheets....

and after a day of shopping, walking, taking pictures...we would be back at the inn by 4:30pm for libations..... tea, coffee or wine and cheese and sweets. This was an opportunity to visit with the other guests and we quite enjoyed meeting these very interesting people,
one being a retired Colonel in the US Air Force .

Then we would have a rest, freshen up and head out walking the dark streets of Charleston lit by quaint lamp posts. We would find the perfect little spot for a light supper.
When we returned, our room took on a whole new look.....

The bed turned down for us and chocolates left ....

I didn't see or hear any ghosts -
although they say many of these old homes are haunted.... :)
I slept like a baby!

If you are planning any time in Charleston - go see the Governors Inn. And if you can, book a room for a night or two....or three.

Thanks for letting me share!


Original Inspirations said...

Oh my goodness Julie. Is that really a RED laptop! My wish come true ... still waiting though.

Julie Cortens said...

LOL chuckle. Good eye Thelma. Yes it is red and sleek and it is my husbands - I had nothing to do with the colour choice or size...I just asked him to put in enough RAM and memory so that I could easily run Photoshop on it and 6-8 GB of photos when we are traveling.

Kate said...

To. Die. For. Those pictures are amazing. Isn't that area beautiful at this time of year? I need to go back! I was wondering why I wasn't seeing you around that much...