Saturday, 8 November 2008


We were visiting the Middleton Plantation yesterday. A beautiful place and I am sure much more grand pre civil war days - when it was looted and the main house burned out. We were near the end of our two hour walk through the grounds when we rounded the corner and there on the lawn next to the lake was this fellow sunning himself - it was 76 F yesterday. :)

He was about 5-6 feet long I think - didn't measure him.:) I quickly switched to my zoom lens, snuck in a comment about having a telephoto lens and got these pics of him. David let me get within about 20 feet of him. He did not seem too interested in me and would have likely dove into the water had he been upset; or so I reasoned.

Y'all have a good day and make sure that snow is gone by the time we get home.


Cheryl said...

Wow, good shots Julie. We saw a crocodile in Mexico when we were there. I am not really sure what the differences are, they both look pretty much the same to me.

Sheryl said...

Nice shot Julie!As of today(Saturday)there isn't any snow.Can you please bring some of that warm weather home with you though?

Angie said...

Yah, thankfully no snow yet, but great pics of the alligator. Glad you got to see one on your trip

Original Inspirations said...

What - you didn't get DH to rangle that guy - and then get one-of-a-kind allegator shoes made - bet a matching hand-bag could have come out of it too. Second thought, I'm not particularly fond of that allegator stuff.

Glad to see you two are having a wonderful time. Oh, and the snow, likely not going anywhere fast! KWIM.

BTW - I love the music on your site.

Julie Cortens said...

LOL! Crocadile Dundee my husband is NOT! He patiently puts up with my photo op antics. They say that that rough looking tail is actually very smooth and soft. Much like the feel of a snake - not that I have ever petted a snake...or likely ever will.
So manitoba is full of snow and Sask is not! My son drove from Wpg to Thompson Saturday on snow packed and icy highways. Winter s here.
Glad you are enjoying the music. When I found it on lineI loved it so much I bought 5 CD's from the fellow. He seemed very appreciative. I just find it soothing and relaxing.

Okay I give up. What does KWIM mean.

April D said...

wow, cool photos...all of em' I love the historic houses and that croc! Yep you bet that would have been me risking it to get a few photos as

Yeah it started snowing yesturday afternoon, and frightfully I think it is here to stay.

I have no idea what KWIM means and was wondering the same

Was this a trip of pleasure? Nice. Looks beautiful there. Have a safe trip back.

Laura said...

These are awesome pictures! I have never seen multi colored alligator tails though, they look really cool. Love the rich colors...must be a scrapbooker thingy. Within 20 feet of a stupid alligator and what do you see in a photo? "Rich colors in his tail." Hello? Talk to you when you get home.

Laura said...

One more thing. Is it just me or do all alligators eyes look evil? Seriously. They have this look in them that the only word I can think of to describe it is evil. Or maybe it's that they are all sizing you up for which case that still is plain evil! lol.

Julie Cortens said...

Haha Laura - I was liking the deep rich colors in that tail too and thinking Beary Patch "Romantique" with some black paper......what do you think? LOL And yes - those eyes did look evil - like you weren't quite sure what he was thinking and if he might just head over towards you at rocket speed and bite your leg off.
Everyone said that they were most likely to just run and head back into the water because they are afraid of you....however that was always added with.."But don't risk it because of they feel threatened they WILL take a chunk out of you".
Saw some pretty alligator purses.....for $350.00

Kate said...

That picture of the tail is AWESOME! Wouldn't those be great colours for a layout???

Julie Cortens said...

Oh yeah!! I am keeping an eye out for some great paper and there will likely be a fair bit of distressing on this page. haha