Monday, 3 November 2008

South Carolina

"I'm leaving on a jet plane, Don't know when I'll be back again....."

Actually I will be back very late next Monday, Lord willing. We headed out in the early, wee, dark, half asleep hours as in 5am, to catch our plane. The sunrise on the big engines was kind of pretty and I was very bored.

Still bored as we approached Minneapolis so here is sunrise on the wing. Since my head and stomach do not take to reading in any moving vehicle, I distract myself with my camera and my MP3

..and after leaving Minneapolis for Atlanta I am still bored, but with only miles and miles of clouds outside the plane I play with my macro lens. Dear husbands thinks it would be sweet to put both our devises together - ah the ipod and the MP3 - what a match. It was meant to be.

We land in Atlanta. The map shows that this HUGE airport is actually six airports but it looks like NWA has it's own hub...but wait, our ticket says we are now flying Delta! We have 50 min to go from terminal A to terminal D and they are all very far apart - connected, we discover, by an underground subway system. ....glad we were not walking because they were miles apart.
I took this picture above as were were taking off from Atlanta for Savannah, Georgia. There were 19, yup nineteen planes lined up behind us - those were the ones I could count. They were just taking off one after another and I am, isn't it kind of dangerous to be in the trail of another jet - you know jet stream, turbulence, loosing a wing and that kind of stuff and that jet ahead of us is a whole lot bigger than we are. ..
I distract myself with my camera...again. Only one more hour of flying.
Ten hours since leaving our home in Saskatoon and we arrive. My sister and brother-in-law pick us up at the airport. It is beautiful in Savannah. You can smell the ocean air even though you are inland about 20 miles. It is so pretty.

A 30 min drive to their place and we are shown the "guest quarters" ...private bath, kitchenette, king bed, duvet. Yup should have booked in for two weeks. I think I will just settle in and read a few books and just soak up all this luxury.

Monday am stroll around the grounds and out to the docks. Tide is out. The southern home here are beautiful, large. All "lo country" design. Think "Gone with the Wind".
There are alligators here and I plan to get a photo of one before we leave. David keeps warning me to not get too close. I keep reminding him that a telephoto lens could solve that problem completely.
Keep watching cause as soon as I get the shot I will post it. They also have the cutest little black squirrels and all sort of wildlife around here; storks, egrets (sp?) an alligators -did I mention they have alligators?
And seafood -lots of it! Cajun shrimp last night, grits and shrimp with greens for lunch and Kobe fish from the ocean for supper. The jeans are tight and this is only day one.
We headed into Savannah for the day today and took a trolley tour. It was two hours of history lessons and seeing the sights of old Savannah. Almost felt like I could feel what it was like to be sittin' on the front porch with my Mint Julep telling Rhett I really couldn't give a you know what.
Stay tuned and I will post today's pictures of old Civil War Savannah as soon as I can, but right now I have to get to bed. I am also on the net courtesy of the neighbours wireless since the "guest quarters" does not have Internet, so not too sure how long this connection will last. hehe Love wireless.
Now y'all have a good nite Ya hear?


Original Inspirations said...

Have a wonderful visit ... and hopefully you will still have some great weather to come back home to (e.g. "no" snow).

Love the acrylic album - I bet your sister, though, loved it even more. Gifts are the greatest, especially when they are hand-made and heart-felt.

Julie Cortens said...

Thanks Thelma. Yes, my sister loved the, worth all those hours - which I enjoyed. Yes hand made gifts are truly the most special gifts because they come wrapped in love.
Hey, loved the pics of the fountains and gardens in your last post. You have a wonderful eye for catching beauty on film.

Haven said...

Thanks for the nice post....