Monday, 17 November 2008

Saskatoon Music Festival 2002

Hey another 2002 page. It wasn't my intention to scrapbook today (I am writing this on Sunday) because I have been working on my photos from South Carolina and finished up a table top book today with 141 of my favorite South Carolina photos in it. It ended up being 36 pages and the coup de gras? The cover is alligator skin - okay - not real but looks pretty darn cool!! There are alligator pictures in that book! Can't wait until it arrives. I used a free shipping coupon too. Yeah!!

But these photos on this page below were in the 2002 queue on my desk today, they were black, red and white and they were about music. And wouldn't you know it, I was working at JSI on Saturday and this fabulous paper had just come in from Creative Imaginations! It was about music so I bought one. I didn't realize until I got it home what a perfect match it was. I wasn't thinking about these pictures, but in cleaning up my desk, I pulled them out and looked at the new paper and wow. I added some Prima flowers and bling, ink and glossy effects on a chipboard note, some journalling and it was done. About 20 min - not including glossy effects drying time.

This is Allison and her good fellow home schooled friend Whitney. They played a rather difficult duet in the Spring Music Festival. Didn't place, but they did well. And don't they look so sweet.

I think it has been about 3 weeks since I have done a page...spent a lot of time on the two acrylic projects before I was away. So it felt good to get a page done today AND my South Carolina coffee book. If you want to see my coffee table book try this link. It doesn't show with the alligator cover though, but it will be there when it arrives. Click on the pages to enlarge them and read the words on the page.

Whew - what a creative day today (Sunday) .... AND I also posted my Governor's House post today too - took a while to edit and shrink all those photos for my blog. So that means I will hold off posting this page until Monday night... I don't want you to bypass the Governors House. :)

And the rest of the week is work, work, pay the VISA, VISA, VISA! LOL


Amanda said...

Nice page, Julie! I love the colours and the patterns you chose. :)

I have one of those to pay too...except mine's a MC!

Cheryl said...

WOW, I just checked out your book, it is fabulous. You have some great photos in there. It just makes me want to go there. I love history and visiting historical places. I loved Nova Scotia and all the history there. I can't imagine what South Carolina would be like. You have inspired me to get busy and get saving!!!!

April D said...

great page! I almost never noticed the ribbon as it blends soo well with the papers...great job, it looks great.

kristen said...

Oh my goodness!!!!! I love this page! nice one!

Julie Cortens said...

Thanks for all your wonderful comments everyone.
Cheryl I loved Nova Scotia and if it weren't so far from all the family in Western Canada I would seriously consider moving to Lunenberg and opening a Scrapbook store!! What a beautiful, peaceful place. I did a coffee table book on our trip there in June of 2007 as well.

Julie Cortens said...

and Cheryl, South Carolina and especially Charleston was way beyond what we thought it would be. So much history before you that you can almost feel the past. It is like you can imagine it all as you walk the streets. We both want to go back.
My dream is to take a month and drive the eastern sea board from Boston to Savannah and stay at B&B's all the way keeping a journal and reading novels that take place in all these places as I go. That and three more 5 GB cards for my camera. hehe

Original Inspirations said...

You know - my favourite color is red. I love how it is laced through this layout.