Wednesday, 12 November 2008


It is good to be home... and doing laundry, grocery shopping and cooking meals????? Somehow my home, kitchen, sheets, laundry room and wardrobe seem terribly inadequate. One of the pitfalls of a holiday in a very nice warm place with a sister who has an incredible house with guest quarters with a King bed and 600 thread satin sheets. I'm not coveting, just recovering and getting back to reality here. :) I am also freezing!
I thought today I would share one of our culinary experience in Charleston. A visit to SNOB!

We had a late lunch at SNOB's while in Charleston. There are quite a few good restaurants within 200 yards of SNOB, one being Magnolias (see previous post with pics), but our B&B had highly recommended SNOB. I thought the name had character so we gave it a try.

Slightly North of Broad was a nice place to have lunch although we arrived at the tail end of lunch hour and there was quite a flurry of activity about our table as staff hurried off the lunch settings and readied tables for supper. We almost felt like we were a little in the way. Who were the snobs here anyways!

Our waitress was lovely and courteous. I ordered a Gimlet and promptly received a Gibson but that was quickly remedied. I can get a very dry martini at home. This is South Carolina - something with lime was called for. And what a pretty drink to take a picture of. :)

Decor was very appropriately snobbish upper class too - linens and silverware. Okay no Waterford crystal but pretty nice stuff.

SNOB is named because it is on Broad street at the edge of THE most affluent area of Charleston (see previous post for some pics of multimillion dollar homes).

Between Broad Street and the "Battery" or Atlantic Ocean, are some of the most affluent, beautifully kept, huge, 100-200 year old homes that sell in the 1-3 million market.

We ordered the House Made Charcuterie - current and pine nut pate, pork rillettes, chicken liver mousse and ham.
We also shared an order of the Carpaccio of Beef Tenderloin which is thinly sliced raw beef with olive oil, Pecorino Romano and toast points. (that gave spell check a work out)

We felt down right snobbish!!

Both were tasty and perfect for the light lunch we wanted. The gimlet was the best part though...

I loved the old building that SNOB was located in, and like most of old Charleston it was steeped in history. There are ghosts everywhere in this town.

The back wall had a huge arched brick opening into the kitchen area and we could see many chefs and helpers busy preparing food back there.

I think next trip to Charleston, if we are ever so fortunate to visit again, we will have to try some of the other restaurants. There are so many places to eat (and shop but very high end). But do try SNOB if you are in Charleston . And there are other more normal things on the menu. You don't have to order raw beef or pate or other stuff that you don't know what it is.

Have you ever had beef tartar? Carpaccio? David loves it. It is actually very tender and tasty but I can only eat a few pieces...just on principle. And we had to order the pate because it is down right snobbish. LOL


Cheryl said...

Your trip sounds most heavenly, Julie. All I can say is I have always wanted to go to the southern states and I hope that some day I may be so lucky to do so. Our "bucket list" includes driving our motorhome all over the states so to see what is there. I can only hope to continue to have good health until I can afford to retire and do just that!

Cheryl said...

By the way, did you find out what KWIM means? I did because I was stumped as well, it means "know what I mean" must be something from the texters, something else I haven't figured out yet!! LOL

Julie Cortens said...

Haha! Thanks Cheryl....Know what I mean. Ok ~ now I know what Thelma meant. And I can't text yet either. Something I have been meaning to learn how to do because it seems the quickest way to get hold of my kids. LOL - that and Facebook!

I do hope you get to visit the Southern USA sometime soon. Plan and save and then enjoy. Of course we would never have done this if my sister hadn't invited us to stay with her and NWA had a fabulous seat sale. So it all worked out quite well. The trip was a big blessing and I am thankful. Now to sort through 700 photos. yikes!

Janet said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful trip! I cannot wait to see some more of your photos and tales of travel.

Kate said...

I love your blog Julie!!! You always do stuff that makes me turn to Google. Gimlet, check. SNOB, check. Charcuterie, check. I love to add to my bucket list!

Julie Cortens said...

LOL - I am rather Google dependent...along with spell check dependent!! Grow that bucket list!!