Friday, 12 July 2013

The Weir, an ND filter and a slow shutter

I bought an ND (neutral density) filter for my wide angle lens about a year ago. I never get around to using it although I did use it to get some great shots of the ocean in Mexico.
So today I decided to head downtown and use it to get some sweeping architecture and skyscapes. The problem was that downtown was so congested and parking a pain so I headed to the weir. Maybe Sunday afternoon it will be quieter and I can take my Sherpa with me and head downtown. :)

First shot is 2.5 sec at f20
second is 1/5 at f6.3
Can you see the difference?

First 3.2 sec @ f22
Second 1/100 @ f5.6
See the difference?

Not the bird!
I mean in the water!

I much prefer the long exposure (the first) shots. That is what an ND filter allows me to do - shut down the aperture all the way and slow down the shutter.

And that's what I did today!

And in other news.... Chatelaine Magazine has picked up one of my photos and is actually paying me to run it in their September issue. This is BIG news. Feeling pretty good tonight. I don't really put my stuff out there in wide circles, so when it gets noticed I am happy.
So Yup! published and paid. Nice to have someone actually ask and pay rather then just steal the photo for publishing. :)

I am almost fully booked for August - which just means I have so many gigs I probably won't take any more. Life is grand. Loving the MkIII. Still fighting with my 85mm 1.2 - time to take it into Don's and let them have a look at it. It either gives me incredibly fantastic photos or crappy grainy photos and I haven't figured out why yet. It is the only lens that does this to me.

Thanks for reading everyone!
Feel free to comment - really  - it is okay to comment. :)

Have a fabulous weekend!!


Anonymous said...

I think I looked at these shots for a few minutes before I finally saw the bird.....I was focused on the water. I am no photographer but I like the first shot the best. Congrats on getting published!!

Michele S

Allie said...

I like how smooth the water looks!

Congratulations, that is so exciting!

If you're so booked in August, does that mean you're not coming to visit Victoria? :(

Julie Cortens said...

Thanks Michelle and Allie. Pretty excited about being published in Chatelaine Magazine. :)
No Allie, we will not likely make it out in August. Perhaps September? We are both having trouble finding time to get away for more then 4 days. Mark is home second weekend of August though if you guys want to venture this way. :)

Laurie Bearce said...

Wonderful! So excited for you...

Julie Cortens said...

Thanks Laurie!!

Michelle said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is fantastic news! You deserve it!

These photos are gorgeous! What a difference.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Your pics are definitely magazine worthy!!

Angie said...

That anonymous was me..selected the wrong thing

Julie Cortens said...

Awe thanks Angie! I appreciate your vote of confidence.

Julie Cortens said...

Thanks Michelle! I think you are my biggest fan. :)