Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Lunch with the girls

Last week took the week off at SHR and I helped out at VBS with our church. I took Eva with me each day. She had a blast and Norah had one on one Mommy time. On Tuesday after VBS I took the girls to East Side Marios for lunch. I like to eat there. Ordering is simple - the soup and salad - cheep and relatively lo cal. The children's menu is okay too although boy! don't you find that restaurant kids menus really lack anything healthy? It is all breaded carbs and no vegetables. Boston Pizza has a fair kids menu.....Hmmm listen to me. My children never ate out. Heck we never ate out!! I don't think there was such a thing as a kids menu back then. :)

Anyways, East Side Mario's offers these three little ice cream cones for dessert and they are always a hit.

We put the girls in the car and they were asleep before we were out of the parking lot.
Took them home and put them to bed for a long afternoon nap.

Successful day!!

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