Friday, 26 July 2013

Distracted With Wonderfully Good Things.

I headed out into the back yard to wipe down the furniture - dinner party tonight - yeah and the weather says we can BBQ!!

I saw this beautiful spider web in the morning light and had to go grab the camera and macro lens. But as soon as I returned the web was folded in half.
I like in anyways....

I walked about a little......
and took photos.....

....because I am obsessed with capturing feelings.
Good feelings
And my garden gives me wonderfully good feelings. :)

and one day it will snow back there......
But I can look at these photos and remember those wonderful feelings. :)

(I avoid looking at the weeds) lest you think I have this fabulous garden. I don't! I just know how to make you think I have a fabulous garden. ;)

I finally came in, poured a cup of tea and settled into LR5 to take a look.... updated a few other photos, searched out some photos of Mark who turns 30 next week (what!!!) and now I am posting todays garden photos...

Yes, I am not getting a whole lot of domestic stuff done.

I guess I had better get back out there and clean the furniture.
I might have to prepare a little food today too :)
and take a shower.
and have a nap.
Cause it's my day off and we are having a party tonight. :)


Robin said...

Hi Julie,

Long story but I found your blog. Sorry it took so long to get here.

Your pictures are amazing.


Julie Cortens said...

Thanks Robin - enjoyed our chat yesterday evening. Visited your blog - you should get back to writing. :)